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How To Watch Great Pretender? An Easy Watch Order Guide

Great Pretender is a unique blend of anime that brilliantly depicts the contrast between drama and comedy.

A beautifully crafted narrative about thieves will undoubtedly concoct images of classic heist films, except in this anime series, the thieves loot the bad guy.

It is not very common for an original anime to make an impression in the entertainment world, where every anime we see is an adaptation of a best-selling manga. 

Great Pretender is undoubtedly a series to recommend to your non-anime friend, as this heist drama series will indeed leave them wanting to learn more about the fantasy world of Japanese animation.

Till now, this original anime has released two seasons since its debut in June of 2020. Fans are now eagerly awaiting news regarding the third season’s release.

They expect nothing less from the producer, Wit Studio, who also gave us the blockbuster anime Attack on Titans.

How To Watch Great Pretender? An Easy Watch Order Guide
Great Pretender | Source: Fandom

Interestingly, the plot of this series is divided into ‘cases,’ and with two seasons already completed, there are four cases available for your viewing pleasure.

1. Release Order – 

1.1 TV Series

  • Great Pretender (Season 1) (2020)
    • Case 1: Los Angeles Connection (Episode 1-5) (June 2)
    • Case 2: Singapore Sky (Episode 6-10) (June 9)
    • Case 3: Snow of London (Episode 11-14) (June 16)
  • Great Pretender (Season 2) (2020)
    • Case 4: Wizard of Far East (Episode 1-9) (September 21)

2. Where To Watch Great Pretender With Subtitles Or Dubbed?

Season 1 and Season 2 are currently streaming only on Netflix US with both the options of watching it with subtitles or dubbed.

Watch Great Pretender on:

3. Can You Download And Watch Great Pretender Offline?

Great Pretender is a Netflix Original, and it is only available to stream on Netflix. 

Anyone having a Netflix subscription can download and watch this crime comedy anime offline anytime, anywhere.

How To Watch Great Pretender? An Easy Watch Order Guide
Great Pretender | Source: Netflix

4. How Much Time Will It Take To Complete Great Pretender?

If you are thinking of binge-watching both seasons without any break, then you will need 8 hours and 49 minutes to complete it.

Great Pretender is 23 episode anime, and it is a very new series without any fillers or other spin-off installments. Finishing off both seasons for any hardcore anime fans or binge-watcher will be as easy as a cakewalk.

5. Conclusion 

The correct watch order for this anime is the release order.

Although there is no confirming news regarding the third season, there is a possibility. So, before the anime catches up with the trend of long season episodes and other side stories, now is the perfect time to finish it all and boast about this very underrated anime to your friends.

How To Watch Great Pretender? An Easy Watch Order Guide
Great Pretender | Source: Fandom

If you’re curious about any manga adaptation of this original, I can tell you that the first volume has already been published on July 6, 2021.

6. About Great Pretender

Great Pretender is an original Japanese anime television series produced by Wit Studio, directed by Hiro Kaburagi and written by Ryota Kosawa.

The series revolves around Makoto Edamura and Kudo, a duo of partners in crime who are supposedly Japan’s greatest swindlers/con-artists.

They try to trick a Frenchman, but they get out-swindled by him as he turns out to be Laurent Thierry, a much higher-level ‘confidence man,’ in control of the mafias.

A bigger picture opens for Edamura once he starts getting engaged in the Frenchman’s dirty jobs.

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