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How To Watch Dragon Ball Kai? A Complete Watch Order Guide

Whether newcomers or seasoned fans to the Dragon Ball franchise, almost everyone gets confused regarding Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Kai. Are they just two different names for the same shows or polar opposites? 

Without further lamenting that doubt, let me tell you that both the series are the same in the Dragon Ball universe. Dragon Ball Kai was released to celebrate the 20th and 25th anniversary of Dragon Ball Z.

Simply put, Dragon Ball Kai is not a remake. Instead, it is a remastered and recut version of Dragon Ball Z released with all the fillers scrapped out and made into more crisp episodes for the modern audience.

Even though Dragon Ball Z has its charm and a feeling of nostalgia that other series cannot beat in this franchise, Dragon Ball Kai has its own niche. It is better suited to the modern eyes by staying true to its original script and making the story more consistent and better-paced than its former classic.

Dragon Ball Kai has seven seasons to its name, and the episode count was brought down to a staggering 167 episodes from the original 219 episodes of DBZ. Dragon Ball Kai was the perfect solution to the issues of DBZ, and this series has only added to the fun and ease of the Dragon Ball Universe.   

With only one watch order to look for, i.e., the release order, let me guide you into a remastered world of Dragon Ball.

1. Release Order

The listing of the seasons in this section is according to their release dates. 

I. TV Series 

  • Dragon Ball Z Kai Season 1: Saiyan Saga (2009)
  • Dragon Ball Z Kai Season 2: Frieza Saga (2009 – 10)
  • Dragon Ball Z Kai Season 3: Androids Saga (2010)
  • Dragon Ball Z Kai Season 4: Cell Saga (2010 – 11)
  • Dragon Ball Z Kai Season 5: World Tournament Saga (2014)
  • Dragon Ball Z Kai Season 6: Majin Buu Saga (2014)
  • Dragon Ball Z Kai Season 7: Evil Buu Saga (2014 – 15)

II. Specials

  • Dragon Ball Z Kai: Bring Peace to the Future! Goku’s Spirit is Eternal 
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2. Conclusion

The release order is the preferred way to watch Dragon Ball Kai. This order is precise as it is also the chronological order to watch this series.

How To Watch Dragon Ball Kai? A Complete Watch Order Guide
Dragon Ball Kai (COVER) | Source: Amazon

Suppose you prefer the quirky and sometimes even unnecessary fillers. In that case, DBZ is perfect for you, but for those who want to concentrate on Akira Toriyama’s original storyline solely, DB Kai is the one to latch on to. 

DB Kai, like its predecessor, is not infested with fillers. By staying true to its original work and improving the animation quality, this show embraces the standards of modern animation and packs a more enthralling delivery than DBZ.

3. How Much Time Will It Take To Watch Dragon Ball Kai?

With only one TV series and one special episode, it would take 66 hours and 48 minutes to complete this anime, approximately three days of binge-watching.

The runtimes are:

  • Dragon Ball Kai (Season 1 – Season 7): 4008 minutes
  • Special Episode: 24 minutes 

4. Where To Watch Dragon Ball Kai With Subtitles or Dubbed?

Funimation is streaming Dragon Ball Kai with only subtitles. For people that prefer subtitles more than anything, Funimation is the one to look at.

Amazon Prime Video is also streaming Dragon Ball Kai with only subtitles.

5. Can You Download And Watch Dragon Ball Offline?

Funimation provides the download option for Premium Plus subscribers ($7.99 pm) or Premium Plus Ultra subscribers ($99.99 pm). They also offer the download option to only those videos available for download to the free or Funimation subscriber account.

Dragon Ball Kai : Saga Buu - TRAILER (HQ)
Dragon Ball Kai : Saga Buu – TRAILER (HQ)

To download shows from Amazon Prime video, one only needs to have a subscription for Amazon Prime and a Fire Tablet or the Prime Video app for iOS, Android, or Windows 10. 

6. About Dragon Ball Z Kai

Dragon Ball Z Kai is an updated and remastered form of Dragon Ball Z. It premiered in 2009 for the 20th anniversary of Dragon Ball Z.

Dragon Ball Z Kai is also the sequel to the initial Dragon Ball series and focuses on an adult Goku.

It removed a majority of the fillers from Dragon Ball Z and tries to provide a storyline that is faithful to Akira Toriyama’s original plot. The animation was also made more vibrant and the images and sounds were made much clearer.

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