Mantis Puzzle Solution and Quest Walkthrough – Starfield Guide

Bethesda’s new space RPG, Starfield, is brimming with quests and side content for players to enjoy. But the Mantis quest is arguably one of the coolest ones in the game and takes you on a journey through the Lair of the Mantis. This quest also has some of the best completion rewards, but it involves a tough puzzle that may leave players scratching their heads.

To solve the Mantis puzzle in Starfield, players need to spell the word ‘TYRANNIS’ on the floor while crossing the letter grid. Failing to do so will trigger turrets and seal the chamber shut, blowing players to bits. Check the image below to see how to proceed through the grid.

Mantis Puzzle Solution and Quest Walkthrough – Starfield Guide
Mantis Floor Puzzle Solution – Starfield | Source: Youtube

Don’t rush through the puzzle. Take your time and make sure to go through the correct letters very carefully, as the tiles are extremely sensitive and one wrong step can cost you your character’s life. After solving it, hit the button on the other side, right by the gate, to disable the traps and defenses permanently.

You can now explore the area without the fear of turrets ripping your character to shreds. Now that we’ve explained the solution to the confusing Mantis puzzle, let’s dive into the rest of the quest and how it unfolds.

1. How to begin the Mantis quest in Starfield?

Mantis Puzzle Solution and Quest Walkthrough – Starfield Guide
Secret Outpost Note – Starfield | Source: Youtube

To begin the Mantis quest in Starfield, players need to find and collect the “Secret Outpost!” note, which is essentially a clue about the secret outpost’s location. The catch is that the note doesn’t have a specific location, as it can randomly drop at any time upon eliminating any Spacer while free roaming.

Many players have found it early on in the game, while others have not so much. It depends on your luck, but don’t worry if you don’t find the note early; you’ll still be able to do the quest whenever you find it. In addition to that, I suggest reaching level 20 before you try to find the note anyway, as the quest can be very tough if you’re not.

2. Mantis Quest Walkthrough

Mantis Puzzle Solution and Quest Walkthrough – Starfield Guide
Head to Denebola I-b – Starfield | Source: Youtube

After finding the note, head to Denebola I-b, which is a planet located in the Denebola system. The secret outpost marker will be on the South Pole of this planet. Upon going there, you’ll be greeted with a bunch of Spacers ranging from Level 6 to Level 30 outside the Lair. Clear them out, and then head inside.

Once you’re inside, you’ll come across more Spacers. Whatever you do, just make sure to loot them after killing them, as they’ll carry Datapads that’ll provide more exposition on who the mysterious vigilante Mantis is. The layout of the Lair is pretty linear, so you won’t have any problems (other than Spacers) navigating through it.

After that, you’ll come across large chambers where you’ll have to defeat a bunch of Spacers, all ranging from Level 15 to 35. In this very area, you’ll find a Spacer named Livvey who surrenders once the fight’s wrapped up. Interact with him, and you’ll be presented with three options: invite him, kill him, or let him run away.

Mantis Puzzle Solution and Quest Walkthrough – Starfield Guide
Livvey – Starfield | Source: Youtube

Regardless of what you choose, Livvey will introduce you to the floor puzzle and explain how it works, after which you’ll have to solve it. Solve it using the solution mentioned above, and then clear the robots ahead to head to the inner lair of the Mantis.

3. Rewards for Completing the Quest

The rewards for completing the Mantis quest are:

  • The Mantis’ Spacesuit
  • The Mantis’ Starship, Razorleaf

They can be claimed during the quest itself.

After solving the puzzle, proceed deeper into the lair, and you’ll enter a huge Batcave-like chamber where the spacesuit and the starship are located. To get the starship, follow the path on the left side of the lair, and you’ll find a computer panel that you can interact with to unlock the legendary Razorleaf.

Mantis Puzzle Solution and Quest Walkthrough – Starfield Guide
The Legendary Razorleaf – Starfield | Source: Youtube

To get Mantis’ legendary Spacesuit, follow the objective marker to the bedroom nearby, where you’ll find a mannequin wearing the spacesuit inside a glass display case. Open it to loot the Mantis armor set, which consists of a Helmet, Suit, and Boost Pack, and you’re good to go.

Mantis Puzzle Solution and Quest Walkthrough – Starfield Guide
The Legendary Mantis Spacesuit – Starfield | Source: Youtube

That’s everything you need to know about completing the Mantis quest. It’s certainly not an easy quest to go through, especially if you’re not leveled up, but the rewards are more than worth it.

4. About Starfield

Starfield is a space exploration game developed by the popular video game company, Bethesda. The game’s teaser launched in 2018, while the gameplay trailer came out in 2022.

Starfield will take players to the deepest depth of space. Being a Sci-Fi game, one can expect it to be brimming with stupendous weapons and supersonic spacecraft while offering a magical tone that is enough to get lost in.

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