An Easy Guide for Solving the Junction Box Puzzles – System Shock

Throughout your journey in System Shock, you’ll encounter a lot of Junction Box Puzzles, and solving them can be tricky. Without guidance, these puzzles can be a real pain to solve, and sometimes they’ll leave you scratching your head.

These Junction Box Puzzles are the only type of puzzles you’ll come across in the game. There’s no definitive way to solve these puzzles, as it’s all about adjusting and experimenting, but they can be hard to solve, especially on higher difficulties because they get more complex. First, let me explain how these puzzles work, and then I’ll explain the solutions in detail.

Junction Box Puzzles are of two types:

  • Connection Puzzles
  • Power Puzzles

Connection Puzzles require a path to be formed between two square nodes on the circuit board, and Power Puzzles require power to be redirected to the Battery Cell by placing wires and rotating dials.

These two types of puzzles work very differently from each other. They can also be solved automatically using logic probes, consumable devices that drop as loot from enemies and robots all across Citadel Station.

But the downside is that they’re pretty rare, so when you encounter a Junction Box puzzle, chances are you might not have one of them with you. So, it’s better to know how to solve them beforehand. Now with that out of the way, let’s dive into the detailed solutions:

How to solve Connection Puzzles?

An Easy Guide to Solving the Junction Box Puzzles – System Shock
Connection Junction Box Puzzle – System Shock (2023)

Connection Puzzles require a connection to be formed between the powered square-shaped red-light node and the unpowered one. To do that, a path needs to be created using the straight and curved yellow wires between the two nodes to connect them.

Rotate the yellow wires and form a path to the unpowered red-light node from the powered one. You can also rotate the blue dials to change the wire placement and connect them. Keep rotating them until the wires coming out of the powered node form a path to the unpowered one, and when it lights up red, that’s when you know that the job is done.

Ignore the red circles, as they’re useless; just focus on the square red-light nodes and the wires. These puzzles can be pretty time-consuming, as you have to weave your way through the whole circuit board just to connect the two nodes. But there’s no time limit to solving the puzzle, so take as much time as you need, and you’ll get the hang of it.

How to solve Power Puzzles?

An Easy Guide to Solving the Junction Box Puzzles – System Shock
Wire Puzzles – System Shock (2023)]

To solve the Power Puzzles, the power should be redirected to the Battery Cell by placing the wires and rotating the dials. You’ll notice two blue lines on the battery itself, indicating the level of power cells, so the aim is to connect the power in such a way that the charge stays between the lines.

To ensure that the correct voltage is set, and the charge stays between the two blue lines, there are three things you can do:

  • Plug the wires into different sockets (they can have single or double power).
  • Redirect the connections using the red buttons or knobs on the circuit board.
  • Increase or decrease the voltage using the switches to ensure the charge stays between the blue lights.

It isn’t as simple as just rotating the wires and making a connection like the previous puzzle, so the solution is to keep experimenting and see what works. If the charge stays between the two blue lights after redirecting the power to the Battery Cell and the Junction Box automatically closes, then you’re good to go.

About System Shock Remake

System Shock is an upcoming action-adventure game developed by Nightdive Studios and published by Prime Matter. It is a remake of the 1994 video game of the same name, originally developed by Looking Glass Studios.

The game is has been pushed back to March 2023 and is planned to have a simultaneous release on Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. 

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