Obtaining Azoth Staff in New World! Quests, Upgrades, Uses and More

New World is a PvPvE MMORPG that focuses majorly on PvP scenarios. Still, if players wish to participate in some high-level PvE events, they need Corruptions Bane, a.k.a Azoth Staff, an extremely important tool to access such events.

Luckily, it is not that hard to get your hands on an Azoth staff, nor does it require some impossible endgame material to craft it, and players can acquire it simply by completing the main storyline quests of the New World.

Obtaining Azoth Staff in New World! Quests, Upgrades, Uses and More
Azoth Staff

The Azoth Staff can be obtained as a reward for completing the “Forge Your Azoth Staff” quest given by Yonas Alazar located in Fisherman’s Bend on the south-eastern border of Monarch’s Bluffs. 

Obtaining Azoth Staff in New World! Quests, Upgrades, Uses and More
Yonas Alazar

Note: The recommended level for this quest is 23.

Obtaining Azoth Staff in New World! Quests, Upgrades, Uses and More
Shattered Obelisk Location

Players have to travel to the altar beneath the Shattered Obelisk, a Point of Interest in Everfall Territory, to forge their Azoth Staff and bring it back to Yonas Alazar to complete this quest.

Obtaining Azoth Staff in New World! Quests, Upgrades, Uses and More
Bring Azoth Staff Back to Complete the Quest

Prerequisites for Forging an Azoth Staff in New World

Players need to meet some essential conditions before the NPC gives the “Forge Your Azoth Staff” quest to them. First of all, Players need to complete the Soulwarden Questline before receiving the Azoth Staff questline, which will officially start when you receive the quest to meet the fisherman hermit, Yonas Alazar.

The quest to find out all the components of the Azoth Staff and to forge it will be available to the players once they reach level 20. There are seven prerequisite quests given by Yonas the Hermit and Adiana Theron in the Azoth Staff questline that players must complete in order to acquire the staff.

The First ComponentTraitor’s Hold (Monarch’s Bluffs)Go to Traitor’s Hold and search for the component of the Azoth Staff. Climb up the wall at the quest marker to reach the glowing chest holding the haft
The Living SeedNorth of Everfall Settlement, in DaughterwellVisit the Spirit Shrine in EverfallSearch for the Mysterious Woman Who Communes with the Angry EarthTalk to Adiana Theron
Adiana’s FountainCanary Mine (Everfall)Investigate Canary Mine for the Cause of the Blocked Azoth flow then Cut down 3 Corrupted Tendrils Sprouting Near the Canary Mine and Destroy 2 Clotting Carapaces Blocking the Azoth Underground.
Weakness of the EgoEverfallCraft 3 Corruption Tincture at an Arcane Repository (or camp) by either purchasing or gathering 3 Water, 3 Petalcap, and 3 Rivercress Stem.
Plains of the PestilentEbonrock Cavern, EverfallDestroy 5 Corrupted in Ebonrock Cavern and Discover what the Corrupt are Planning by reading the Ebonrock Orders lore scroll at the back of the cavern, behind Overseer Zane.
Nature’s GiftEverfallTravel to Fisherman’s Bend and Talk to Yonas Alazar
Argent and AetherAmrine Temple (Windsward)Visit the Amrine Temple and Use 5 Silver Ingots to craft the Azoth Staff Crosspiece.
Obtaining Azoth Staff in New World! Quests, Upgrades, Uses and More
Adiana Theron

What is Azoth Staff used for in New World?

Azoth Staff can be used to close Corrupted Portals and Breaches through the expeditions in New World. Closing corrupted portals rewards players with ingredients to craft Tuning Orbs, a ton of Gold, XP, Azoth, and much more.

Obtaining Azoth Staff in New World! Quests, Upgrades, Uses and More
Azoth Staff in New World

The expeditions are high-level PvE events involving several elite enemies and two major bosses. It is recommended to form a party of at least five players before starting any of the expedition. The Amrine Excavation expedition is the lowest level expedition (recommended level 25) that players can dive into immediately after acquiring an Azoth Staff.

These corrupted portals, breaches, and monoliths are marked with red dots on the map, and appear randomly in the game. Players need high-tier upgraded Azoth Staff to access high-level expeditions. 

How to upgrade Azoth Staff in New World?

The Azoth Staff can be upgraded by similarly completing certain quests after reaching a particular level. It has a total of 5 Tiers. Here are all the quests you must complete to upgrade your Azoth Staff.

TierQuestDescriptionRecommended Level
Tier 1 Forge Your Azoth StaffTravel to the altar beneath the Shattered Obelisk and forge your Azoth Staff.23
Tier 2Covenant CommitmentReport Your Success to Yonas at the new Soulwarden Camp29
Tier 3The AllianceReturn to Yonas with the news that all three factions have agreed to talk. 38
Tier 4Race for the BoxTalk to Adiana in Edengrove and Find the box before Isabella does.50
Tier 5The Tempest’s HeartTravel to Mountainhome and Talk to Yseult Meredith60

Upgrading the Azoth Staff is essential as the higher-tier staves allow players to participate in high-level PvE events. Make sure to keep completing the main storyline quests side-by-side to receive the staff upgrading quests.

All Expeditions in New World

There are six expeditions in New World, which offer the players several puzzles to solve, high-level monsters to kill, and absurdly strong bosses to fight. Completing expedition rewards the players with the rarest of loots.

  1. The Amrine Excavation- Windsward
  2. The Starstone Barrows- Everfall
  3. The Depths- Restless Shore
  4. The Dynasty Shipyard- Ebonscale Reach
  5. The Lazarus Instrumentality- Reekwater
  6. The Garden of Genesis- Edengrove
Obtaining Azoth Staff in New World! Quests, Upgrades, Uses and More
All Expeditions in New World

Players can dive into these adventurous expeditions whenever they wish. Still, it is better to approach a dungeon only when you satisfy the recommended level unless you want to get absolutely ripped apart by the ferocious monsters.

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