How to Get Saint George’s Armor Set in AC Valhalla – Complete Guide

After the newly added River Raids update in AC Valhalla, players now have a chance to get the legendary armor and the whole set of Saint George after completing ‘The Legacy of Saint George’ mission. This is the mission where you need to look for two clues near two river areas marked in Vagn’s map.

I can assure you that ‘The Legacy of Saint George’ mission isn’t as tough as it sounds. You just have to keep an eye for the clues and search properly.

But before you can search for the clues, make sure you have finished The Legend of Saint George mission, then only Vagn will hand the legacy mission to you.

1. What is The Legacy of Saint George Mission in AC Valhalla?

How to Get Saint George’s Armor Set in AC Valhalla – Complete Guide
The Legacy of Saint George

The Legacy of Saint George Mission is to find two clues about the missing pieces of Saint George’s legendary armor set. The clues can be found inside monasteries of River Exe and River Severn.

Once you find both clues, you can go ahead and return to Vagn who will give you locations to the now unlocked River Dee’s raid site and another mission titled “Sword of Saint George.”

Now you must be thinking how do I search a big monastery to find a tiny clue? Follow along and you’ll know exactly where to look for them.

2. How to Find Clues in River Exe and Severn’s Monasteries?

How to Get Saint George’s Armor Set in AC Valhalla – Complete Guide
River Exe Monastery

River Exe- Once you find your way to the Escanceaster Monastery in River Exe, you will find the clue on top of a table inside the church.

The clue is easy to spot since hovering over the table will prompt you to collect it.

How to Get Saint George’s Armor Set in AC Valhalla – Complete Guide
River Severn Monastery Lock

River Severn- When you reach the Northern Monastery in River Severn, you will be able to find the clue right on top of a table inside a room of the church.

The room will be locked, so you will have to go through the main part of the church and shoot through the bars of the door to destroy the lock. Once you break it open, you will be able to collect your clue.

Now, onto the things that matter the most: the legendary armor and helm. But first, head on over to Vagn and give him the clues so that he can give you the location to River Dee where you will be able to find the armor and a bonus helm as well.

3. How to Get Saint George’s Lengendary Armor and Helm?

How to Get Saint George’s Armor Set in AC Valhalla – Complete Guide
Saint George Armor

The Saint George’s legendary armor and helm are a part of the River Dee raid. The armor can be found inside foreign cargo chests while raiding the military base in either Forward camp, Staging camp, Hillview outpost or in Deebury and the helm will be present in a chest as well.

Since those chests require two people to open, you can only get the armor during the river raids. The raid of River Dee takes you one step closer to getting the full set of Saint George’s gear.

4. How to Complete the River Dee Raid?

How to Get Saint George’s Armor Set in AC Valhalla – Complete Guide
River Dee

Agreeing to go to the River Dee raid, Eivor will be accompanied by soldiers willing to raid the military camps. Two unique military camps in River Dee will have Saint George items to collect in chests.

If you have successfully completed all the river raids, you probably have the full Saint George set ready to equip. If not, here’s the quick rundown of the whole set and where to find them.

5. Saint George’s Set and Location of Each Item

The river raids update comprising of three rivers: Exe, Severn, and Dee are filled with loot and chests consisting of Saint George’s items. All of these items can be found if the military bases are searched thoroughly.

There are a total of 5 items in Saint George’s set but a shield and sword can also be collected. The Saint George’s Set consists of:

  1. Saint George’s Cape– Saint George’s Cape can be found inside a military base during the raid of River Exe.
  2. Saint George’s Trouser– Saint George’s Trouser can be found in River Exe’s raid as well.
  3. Saint George’s Bracers– Saint George’s Bracers can be found in a military base during River Severn’s raid.
  4.  Saint George’s Armor– Saint George’s Armor can be found during raid of River Dee after completing the Legacy of Saint George mission.
  5. Saint George’s Helm– Saint George’s Helm can also be found during River Dee’s raid.
  6. Saint George’s Tower Shield– Saint George’s tower shield is a bonus item that can be found in River Severn’s raid along with the Bracers.
  7. Saint George’s Holy Sword– Saint’s George’s Holy Sword can be acquired after defeating a powerful NPC in Deva Victrix Castle located near River Dee. This is a separate mission given by Vagn after you complete the Legacy of Saint George mission.

The full set of armor when equipped, gives a speed and attack bonus as well.

Now that you’ve acquired all the fancy Saint George items, go ahead, put them on and don’t forget to take a few screenshots of your newly acquired gear!

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6. About Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

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