How to get Digipicks? All Possible Methods – Starfield Location Guide

Digipicks in Starfield are essentially lockpicks but with a different name, performing the same function as they can be used to unlock loot boxes and access areas that might be inaccessible throughout the galaxy. But the catch is that they’re pretty rare, and it’s something that you’ll always want to have with you while exploring.

Digipicks can be obtained in various ways in Starfield:

  • They can be looted from defeated enemies. Enemies tend to carry both ammo and digipicks, so be sure to loot them.
  • Digipicks can also be found out in the open in random boxes, containers, outposts, research labs, lockers, etc., so don’t forget to scan (LB on Xbox) all areas carefully.
  • Digipicks can be pickpocketed from NPCs using the ‘Theft’ skill. Head to crowded places like New Atlantis to get started.
  • The easiest way to get Digipicks is to purchase them from vendors and merchants located in major cities throughout the Star System.

These are all the ways through which you can easily obtain Digipicks. As the game progresses, you’ll encounter tougher locks, and you might fail at unlocking them more than once, so do not pass up any opportunity to get more Digipicks.

1. Where to buy Digipicks in Starfield?

How to get Digipicks in Starfield? All Possible Methods
Jemison Mercantile – Starfield | Source: You Tube

Digipicks can be purchased in Starfield from various different locations:

I. New Atlantis:

  • Jemison Mercantile – Spaceport
  • Apex Electronics – The Well
  • Trade Authority – The Well

II. Cydonia:

  • Trade Authority – Central Hub

III. Neon:

  • Newill’s Goods
  • Trade Authority

IV. Akila City:

  • Shepherd’s General Store

The simplest and quickest way to purchase Digipicks is from Jemison Mercantile in the Spaceport of New Atlantis. Exit your ship from the Spaceport, head down to the fountain square, and turn left to find the Jemison Mercantile shop.

How to get Digipicks in Starfield? All Possible Methods
Amoli Bava – Starfield | Source: YouTube

Go inside and speak to Amoli Bava to trade with the vendor. Navigate to the “Misc” section at the bottom to purchase Digipicks for 35 Credits each.

2. Can Digipicks be farmed in Starfield?

Digipicks can be farmed in Starfield, and the easiest way to do so is by buying them from Jemison Mercantile. Amoli carries only two digipicks at a time, and her stock refreshes after 24 hours. To farm them, go back to your ship, take a quick nap, run back to the vendor, buy them again, and repeat the process.

This method of farming isn’t restricted to only Jemison Mercantile; it can be used for any vendors that you might come across in the Star System. Keep in mind that the supply refresh window can also extend to 48 hours sometimes, but worry not, as the same farming method can be used to skip the wait and stock up on some good ol’ digipicks.

3. How does lockpicking work in Starfield?

How to get Digipicks in Starfield? All Possible Methods
Lockpicking – Starfield | Source: YouTube

Starfield’s lockpicking is a bit more complex than that of Fallout. It involves matching small pins to holes inside a circle using Digipicks. There are several layers, and once a layer has been cleared, the next one will appear, and when all the layers are cleared, the lock will unlock.

Lining up the pins with the holes inside the circles will clear a layer. But the thing is that you might not clear a single layer in one go, so what you should do is clear the best possible combinations in a layer and keep working your way through each one. Always ensure that you leave behind patterns that you can match; otherwise, you’ll be locked out of progressing through the lock.

The best way to pick locks is to basically test out all your options, see what fits, and then go with it. If you mess it up, you’ll be able to undo it a few times, but that’s not enough, so make sure to always confirm the best options after testing out all possibilities. The locks will become more complicated as you level up the Security skill, but the technique will remain the same.

4. How do you use a Digipick in Starfield?

Digipicks in Starfield are used to unlock different kinds of locks, but not all locks can be unlocked at first. The Security skill needs to be leveled up to unlock locks that are more complicated in nature, and trust me, they’ll get complicated for sure.

As I explained above, the lockpicking mechanism involves lining up small pins with holes or gaps inside a circle until you clear every layer and effectively unlock the lock, and that’s exactly where the Digipicks come in. Without Digipicks, you won’t be able to unlock any locks, so make sure to stock up on them whenever you get the chance.

5. About Starfield

Starfield is a space exploration game developed by the popular video game company, Bethesda. The game’s teaser launched in 2018, while the gameplay trailer came out in 2022.

Starfield will take players to the deepest depth of space. Being a Sci-Fi game, one can expect it to be brimming with stupendous weapons and supersonic spacecraft while offering a magical tone that is enough to get lost in.

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