‘The Application Encountered an Unrecoverable Error’ Fix—FIFA 23 

With the launch of FIFA 23 yesterday,  players have already encountered a number of errors and bugs which make the game unplayable on PC. One such error is the “Application Encountered An Unrecoverable Error”.  

This error can be really frustrating for players as it forbids them to play the game properly. If you’re facing the same issue with your game, follow the steps below to resolve the issue: 

First Method—Disable all Overlays 

The first method to fix the error is to disable all Overlays in your PC. Disabling Overlays such as Rivatuner, NVIDIA GeForce Overlay, Discord Overlay, Origin Overlay, or EA Overlay might do the trick. Disable all the Overlays, open the game and it should work just fine.  

If this method didn’t fix the error for you, then proceed to the next fix.  

Second Method—Delete and Reinstall EA Anti-Cheat 

Some players have stated that deleting and reinstalling EA Anti-Cheat has fixed the problem for them and faced no errors prior to it. This method might not work for everyone but it’s worth a try. The process can be a bit confusing but you can do it by following the steps below: 

'The Application Encountered an Unrecoverable Error' Fix—FIFA 23

1. First, go to Steamlibrary>steamapps>common>FIFA 23>_Installer>EAAntiCheat. 

2. Then, open the application file named EA Anti-Cheat.  

3. The installer window will now appear in front of you. Left-click on the arrow next to that drop-down bar and choose FIFA 23 (Installed).  

4. Then click Uninstall and just wait for it to finish uninstalling.  

5. After you see the message “Uninstall Succeeded”, click install to reinstall it.  

6. After finishing the installation, close the window and launch FIFA 23. The game should be working fine.  

But even if this method doesn’t fix your problem, then go on to the next one.  

Third Method—Run the game as an Administrator 

'The Application Encountered an Unrecoverable Error' Fix—FIFA 23

Some players have also stated that running the game as an administrator fixes the issue. Quit the game client (Origin or EA). Close the Origin or EA application by right-clicking. Choose “Run as Administrator” after right-clicking on the application, and the game should work well.  

Even then, if the game does not work and still shows the same error then I suggest waiting for an official patch to eventually roll out.  

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About FIFA 23

FIFA 23 is the next installment in the FIFA video games franchise. It will be the first to include Women’s Football. The game will also feature Qatar World Cup 2022. 

New features like cross-play will also be introduced. FIFA 23 is the last collaboration between EA and FIFA after which both companies will be parting ways. It will be launched on September 30, 2022. 

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