How to find the Prayer Room Key? How to use it in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC?

Elden Ring’s vast expansion called the Shadow of the Erdtree has a lot of challenges for the players. There is a plethora of secret items or hidden regions for the fans to explore and discover. Yet as we know important items in Elden Ring are often stowed away behind formidable challenges.

One such item is the Prayer Room Key. The importance of the Prayer Room Key lies within its necessity. A chunk of content is hidden in the Shadow Realm and can only be unlocked by progressing the story and obtaining the Prayer Room Key.

1. How to obtain the Prayer Room Key Elden Ring?

To obtain the Prayer Room Key in Elden Ring, players need to defeat the Fire Knight Queelign twice. Firstly, at the Small Private Altar Site of Grace Belurat, Tower Settlement. Secondly, during the invasion of the Church of Crusade in the Scadu Altus Region.

The Prayer Room Key is a drop that can be obtained only from the Fire Knight Queelign. Queelign is a formidable foe who launches two invasions within the Shadow of Erdtree expansion. This Boss has to be defeated twice for the players to obtain the Prayer Room Key.

2. First Encounter with Fire Knight Queelign

The first encounter occurs within Belurat, Tower Settlement during the first invasion. Start your journey by teleporting to the Small Private Altar Site of Grace that you discover during the Legacy quest. From there ascend the stairs next to the Site and it will lead you to a battle with a golden knight.

Small Private Altar SIte of Grace
Small Private Altar SIte of Grace | Source: In-game screenshot

Defeat the golden knight and proceed in the northeastern direction, moving through the ruined buildings. At the end, you will reach a scenic garden area with a twisted white tree in the center. You have to confront and defeat the Fire Knight here.

First Battle with Queelign
First Battle with Queelign | Source: In-game screenshot

3. Second Encounter with Fire Knight Queelign

To slay Queelign a second time, you need to head to the Church of The Crusade in the Scadu Altus Region. For reference, this location is in the north direction and very close to the Ensis Castle.

Combat with Queelign
Combat with Queelign | Source: In-game screenshot
Map of Church of Crusade
Map of Church of Crusade | Source: In-game screenshot

The area is as shown in the map above. At the Church, you will reencounter Queelign during his second invasion. Defeat him again and this time he will drop the Prayer Room Key.

Prayer Key obtained
Prayer Key obtained | Source: In-game screenshot

4. Where to use the Prayer Room Key in the Elden Ring?

The Prayer Room Key unlocks the Prayer Room located in the deeper part of the Church District. Navigate the rooftops of the District to find a roof with a gaping hole leading to the Prayer Room.

Once you have the Prayer Room Key in your possession, your next objective will be using it to unlock the Prayer Room itself. The Prayer Room is hidden deep within the Church District of Shadow Keep.

4.1 Heading to the Church Highroad from Moorth Ruins

Start your journey by teleporting to the Moorth Ruins Site of Grace, which is located east of the Highroad Cross Site of Grace.

Map of Moorth Ruins
Map of Moorth Ruins | Source: In-game screenshot

Travel along the southern side of the ruins and look for a huge gaping hole in the ground. When you find the opening, descend into it carefully. Navigate the tunnel stretching eastward which leads into the Bonny Village.

Through the Tunnel into Bonny Village | Source: In-game screenshot

You have to travel towards the east from the Bonny Village. In the process, you will cross two sturdy bridges.  Continue along the northern path and you will arrive at the Church District Highroad Site Of Grace.

Unlock this waypoint and from this point, follow the northwest path. This will guide you to directly enter into the heart region of the Church District within Shadow Keep.

4.2 Navigating the Church District and Finding the Prayer Room

Be careful while navigating through the submerged Church District. Precise maneuvering and leaping from rooftop to rooftop, utilizing ledges and the angled stone pieces is necessary. A single misstep and you will drown having to start all over again.

Descending the Platforms | Source: In-game screenshot

Proceed in this way and you will encounter a massive hole in one of the rooftops, leading to geometrically arranged wooden structures. Descend these wooden platforms and ride further until you can see a ledge that has yet another hole in the floor.

Opening the Prayer Room | Source: In-game screenshot

Leap through this opening and descend into a tunnel. Proceed inside and take a turn on the corner ahead. This will lead you to a door barring your entry into the Prayer Room. Utilize the Prayer Key to unlock the door and access what lies within the sacred space.

5. About Elden Ring

Elden Ring is a major title released by FromSoftware in 2022, the developers of Demon’s Souls, Bloodborne, and the Dark Souls franchise. Set in the ‘Lands Between’,  players are on a quest to repair the Elden Ring and become the new Elden Lord.

Shadow of the Erdtree is a full-fledged expansion for Elden Ring added in June 2024. It is a whole new map with new Weapons, Sorceries, Ashes, and Craftables. It is a challenging DLC and as players continue to explore the map, they find surprises and easter eggs left by the developers every day.


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