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A Complete Guide To Completing The Pokedex In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

We all can agree that the best part of Pokemon games is meeting and battling new Pokemon to complete your Pokedex. Working on your incomplete Pokedex not only helps you to get the completion rewards, but also makes you explore every nook and cranny of the world. 

There are around 400 Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet, including the exclusives. Scarlet and Violet’s roster might be smaller than the earlier games, but it’s still a daunting number.

The best way to catch every Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet’s Pokedex is by walking through the wild grass and checking the trees. Exploring the world of other players who might own a different copy of the game will also help you to tick missing Pokemon off your Pokedex. 

Here are some tips you can follow to catch all kinds of common and rare Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet.

5 Tips for completing Pokedex in Scarlet and Violet

In any Pokemon game, there are certain ground rules that you need to follow to complete Pokedex quickly and efficiently.

1. Walk through wild grass

A Complete Guide To Completing The Pokedex In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
Exploration in wild grass areas | Source: Official Website

While walking through the beaten path might be more tempting, it’s advisable to walk through the wild grass if you wish to encounter new Pokemon.

Wild grass is teeming with all sorts of Pokemon, and sometimes you might even come across a TM or item which might make the constant battles with wild Pokemon worth it.

2. Look up evolutions of Pokemon you have already seen

There will be some entries in Pokedex that you might not be able to hunt down, despite combing through the entire Paldea region many times. However, those entries might simply be evolutions of the existing Pokemon, so do check-up the evolution chart of all Pokemon on websites such as the Pokemon Database or Serebii.

3. Use the ‘lock-on’ function

A Complete Guide To Completing The Pokedex In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
Capture Wiglett with lock-on function | Source: Official Website

Some Pokemon are difficult to reach since they might be on top of the trees, underwater, or under the ground. In a sticky situation like this, use the lock-on option by pressing ZL and ZR to throw a Pokemon from distance.

Pokemon such as Wiglett and Gyarados can be caught easily with this method.

4. Trade Pokemon with other players

A Complete Guide To Completing The Pokedex In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
Trading of Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet | Source: Official Website

If you are too bored with exploration, you can simply trade Pokemon with your friends and obtain Pokemon that you haven’t encountered in the wild yet. Click on the ‘Link Trade’ option in the main menu after connecting your switch to the internet.

5. Go back to basics

Even though Scarlet and Violet is a little different from any regular Pokemon game, any old tricks for capturing Pokemon still work wonders in the game. 

Avoid one-shotting the enemy by matching up effective types, lower your opponents’ HP till the HP bar becomes yellow or red, and use status effects such as asleep, confusion, frozen, or paralyzed to increase your chances of catching the Pokemon.

How to capture Paradox Pokemon?

Scarlet and Violet introduced a new type of Pokemon called Paradox Pokemon. These Pokemon belong to a different time period and were brought to the Paldea region with a time machine.

However, these Pokemon are just future or past forms of current Pokemon. They can be caught only after finishing the main game. I have made a list of all the Paradox Pokemon and their locations, so you can catch them easily.

1. Past Paradox Pokemon

NameTypeLocations/How to Obtain
Great TuskGround/FightingArea Zero, Trade from Scarlet
Brute BonnetGrass/DarkArea Zero, Trade from Scarlet
Sandy ShocksElectric/GroundArea Zero, Trade from Scarlet
Scream TailFairy/PsychicArea Zero, Trade from Scarlet
Flutter ManeGhost/FairyArea Zero, Trade from Scarlet
Slither WingBug/FightingArea Zero, Trade from Scarlet
Roaring MoonDragon/DarkArea Zero, Trade from Scarlet
KoraidonFighting/DragonArea Zero, Trade from Scarlet
A Complete Guide To Completing The Pokedex In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
Great Tusk, a Past Paradox Pokemon | Source: Official Website

2. Future Paradox Pokemon

NameTypeLocations/How to Obtain
Iron TreadsGround/SteelArea Zero, Trade from Violet
Iron MothFire/PoisonArea Zero, Trade from Violet
Iron HandsFighting/ElectricArea Zero, Trade from Violet
Iron JugulisDark/FlyingArea Zero, Trade from Violet
Iron ThornsRock/ElectricArea Zero, Trade from Violet
Iron BundleIce/WaterArea Zero, Trade from Violet
Iron ValiantFairy/FightingArea Zero, Trade from Violet
MiraidonElectric/DragonArea Zero, Trade from Violet
A Complete Guide To Completing The Pokedex In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
Iron Treads, a Future Paradox Pokemon | Source: Official Website

Pokedex completion rewards

In Scarlet and Violet, not only can you get rewards by completing your Pokedex but you will also get other rewards for reaching certain goals set by your homeroom teacher, Jacq.

A Complete Guide To Completing The Pokedex In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
Access your Pokedex through Rotom Phone | Source: Official Website

1. Milestone rewards of Pokedex

Pokemon CaughtRewardQuantity
10 PokemonStardust3
20 PokemonGreat Ball10
30 PokemonThunder Stone1
40 PokemonUltra Ball10
50 PokemonEXP. Candy S5
60 PokemonFire Stone1
70 PokemonNet Ball10
80 PokemonWater Stone1
90 PokemonNest Ball10
100 PokemonStardust5
110 PokemonEXP. Candy M3
120 PokemonQuick Ball10
130 PokemonDusk Stone1
140 PokemonDusk Ball10
150 PokemonShiny Stone1
160 PokemonEXP. Candy M3
170 PokemonDive Ball10
180 PokemonStardust10
190 PokemonLuxury Ball10
200 PokemonEXP. Candy M5
210 PokemonMoon Stone1
220 PokemonTimer Ball10
230 PokemonStar Piece3
240 PokemonFast Ball1
250 PokemonStar Piece3
260 PokemonFriend Ball1
270 PokemonDawn Stone1
280 PokemonLevel Ball1
290 PokemonEXP. Candy L3
300 PokemonLure Ball1
310 PokemonComet Shard3
320 PokemonHeavy Ball1
330 PokemonEXP. Candy L3
340 PokemonMoon Ball1
350 PokemonEXP. Candy L5
360 PokemonDream Ball1
370 PokemonNugget1
380 PokemonNugget2
390 PokemonBig Nugget3
400 PokemonBeast Ball1
A Complete Guide To Completing The Pokedex In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
You homeroom teacher, Jacq | Source: Official Website

2. Rewards from Jacq

Pokemon CaughtRewardQuantity
30 PokemonTM0575
100 PokemonUltra Ball20
200 PokemonQuick Ball20
400 PokemonShiny Charm1
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