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Hercule Challenge Walkthrough in Xenoverse 2

Hercule’s House plays a major role in the early game as well as in the end game of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. It houses one of the five time rifts which you can access to get the ‘Unknown History’ secret ending.

You can access a decent number of Hercule’s House by talking to Hercule, the Great Saiyaman 2, the Great Saiyawoman, and Galactic Patrol’s Jaco. Hercule will give you Zeni for finishing all the missions at his house. 

However, finishing the missions can be quite tedious, especially the last few challenges which have a higher difficulty. Check out this guide to get a 100 percent finishing rate in Hercule’s House.

Hercule’s missions walkthrough

Hercule will give you 10 assignments to finish in the game. He will give you Zeni as a reward after finishing every mission.

Hercule Challenge Walkthrough in Xenoverse 2
Hercule and Future Warrior at Hercule’s House | Source: Fandom

Mission 1: Finish five quests. These missions can be parallel quests or missions from Namek or Frieza’s area. The reward is 2000 Zeni.

Mission 2: Land a 35-hit combo. Start with a normal combo and use long-lasting attacks like Meteor Crash until your Ki runs out. The reward is 2000 Zeni.

Mission 3: Clear six quests. You can follow the same formula as mission 1. The reward is 5000 Zeni.

Mission 4: Hit a 45-hit combo. Start off with a basic combo and then use Meteor Crash. Make sure you are hitting a combo of roughly 17-18 hits with regular attacks. The reward is 5000 Zeni.

Mission 5: Clear 8 quests. The reward is 8000 Zeni. 

Mission 6: Land a 50-hit combo. This mission is a bit trickier than others. Make sure you have 4 bars of Ki, a high combo number for regular attacks and Meteor Crash equipped. Do Nappa’s training mission since the opponents don’t attack, dodge, or die. The reward is 8000 Zeni. 

Hercule Challenge Walkthrough in Xenoverse 2
Meteor Crash is effective for getting combos | Source: Fandom

Mission 7: Clear 10 quests. The reward is 10000 Zeni.

Mission 8: Clear 5 missions without taking any damage. Complete low level Parallel Quests again and again to finish this mission. The reward is 10000 Zeni.

Mission 9: Clear 12 quests, either in co-op or solo. The reward is 20000 Zeni.

Mission 10: You have to defeat 10 enemies in expert missions. Keep repeating expert mission 3 since it can be soloed easily. The reward is 20000 Zeni.

Hercule Challenge Walkthrough in Xenoverse 2
Goku fighting Nappa in Expert Mission 3 | Source: Fandom

Great Saiyaman missions walkthrough

To obtain the Time Egg located at Hercule’s House, you need to complete all the missions assigned to you by the Great Saiyaman. Talk to the group located near the wall and join them. There are 6 missions in total.

Hercule Challenge Walkthrough in Xenoverse 2
The Great Saiyaman | Source: Fandom

Mission 1: Defeat Great Saiyaman 1 and 2 before Jaco’s HP drops to 50% or below. Take out Saiyaman 1 first, since he’s stronger. The reward is the Great Saiyaman Suit which upgrades your HP, Stamina, and Super Strikes but downgrades your Ki limit and basic attacks.

Mission 2: Simply defeat Ginyu Force. The reward is Zeni and a capsule of some kind.

Mission 3: You will unlock this mission after reaching level 35 and defeating Zarbon and Dodoria. Defeat three Time Patrollers to finish this mission. Focus on one and let your two allies focus on the other two. 

Mission 4: This mission will be unlocked after you reach level 38. Defeat Cell Jr, Cell, and Super Buu. Take down the six Cell Juniors first, then deal with Cell and Super Buu.

Hercule Challenge Walkthrough in Xenoverse 2
Cell, in his Imperfect form | Source: Fandom

Mission 5: Instead of fighting your opponents, you have to focus on reviving your allies who are down. Keep doing this until Gohan comes for help and finishes the fight.

Mission 6: You have to fight the Shenron Dragons in this mission, which is pretty tough. However, you can finish this quest quickly by skipping the fight and letting the AI fight the dragons. Use your scouter to pick up the items for Guru as the battle rages on. 

Hercule Challenge Walkthrough in Xenoverse 2
A Distorted Time Egg | Source: Fandom

After finishing all the quests, you will get a Distorted Time Egg from Hercule which you can use to get the ‘Unknown history’ secret ending.

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