How Strong Is Noelle Silva? Abilities And Powers Explained!

The latest chapter of Black Clover has set the tone for a battle that’s sure to be epic. Noelle has finally gained Undine’s cooperation and is set to take down Vanica, armed with spirit magic.

Fans have speculated for the longest time that Noelle would get the water spirit at some point, and it seems the series has finally delivered.

This is undoubtedly a crucial landmark in Noelle’s journey, and I can’t wait to see how her fight with Vanica pans out!

Noelle has immense magic as a royal and has gotten even stronger with spirit magic. She is the only one to reach the Saint Stage and attain the ability to destroy devils.

Admittedly, Noelle’s abilities weren’t impressive at first– at least for a royal. She couldn’t control her magic in the slightest.

For this very reason, she was the black sheep of the Silva family. Her lack of control stemmed mainly from her qualms against hurting others with her magic and fearing her magic to some extent.

Since joining the Black Bulls, however, Noelle has grown at a fairly consistent rate. She’s become quite the formidable foe.

Her growth itself has spanned multiple arcs. Meeting Kahono and the visit to The Underwater Temple was the first turning point where Noelle learned to control her magic.

Then, during her fight against Vetto, she first used the Sea Dragon’s Roar– her first successful attack spell. The Elf Resurrection Arc was also another prominent part of her journey.

How Strong Is Noelle Silva? Abilities And Powers Explained!
Noelle vs Kahono | Source: Fandom

The duress and the desire to protect her family brought out the Valkyrie Armor, which gave her an edge against the omnipotent elves.

But that’s not it! Noelle’s next powerup came after training with the Heart Kingdom and later the Elves. And not to forget, the attack against the Spade Kingdom, which saw Noelle enter the battle with the Saint Valkyrie Armor.

Noelle might’ve seemed weak at first, but it’s impossible to think that of her now. Not when she’s attained Saint Stage, making her the strongest known spirit magic user! She’s quite literally on a whole other level than Yuno and Fuegoleon!

1. Noelle’s Abilities

Noelle’s magic attribute is water–  one of the four major elements of mana in its base form. Water is a very common magic attribute, but Noelle has an above-average amount of magic that sets her apart.

How Strong Is Noelle Silva? Abilities And Powers Explained!
Noelle Silva | Source: Fandom

Noelle’s water magic mainly takes the form of Creation and Reinforcement, with Spirit Magic being the latest addition.

I. Creation Magic

As the name suggests, creation magic allows Noelle to create objects made of water like water balls, armor, a defensive sphere, and even a dragon.

i. Sea Dragon’s Water Ball

These water balls are one of the first attacks we see Noelle use. The water balls are giant swirling spheres of water strong enough to create craters or send someone (mostly Asta!) flying. This spell is unnamed in the

ii. Sea Dragon’s Roar

The Sea Dragon’s Roar is one of Noelle’s signature spells. The spell consists of creating a massive water dragon with a swirling body.

How Strong Is Noelle Silva? Abilities And Powers Explained!
Sea Dragon Roar | Source: Fandom

The teeth on this dragon are mighty sharp and even ripped off Vetto’s arm in one fell swoop. Noelle can also launch this spell at point-blank, which makes for a terrifying attack.

iii. Sea Dragon’s Nest

How Strong Is Noelle Silva? Abilities And Powers Explained!
Sea Dragon’s Nest | Source: Fandom

The Sea Dragon’s Nest is one of Noelle’s first defensive spells. She could use this spell even when she couldn’t control her magic. This spell consists of a protective dome with whirlpools on the surface that can deflect attacks from various directions.

iv. Sea Dragon’s Cradle

First seen during the visit to the Underwater Temple, this spell is quite similar to Sea Dragons Nest.

How Strong Is Noelle Silva? Abilities And Powers Explained!
Sea Dragon’s Cradle | Source: Fandom

The Sea Dragon’s Cradle is a protective spell that creates a massive sphere of whirling water. Noelle can use this spell to protect and transport several people at a time.

The spell was strong enough to withstand the dangerous underwater currents of the strong magic region while allowing the Black Bulls inside to breathe without worry.

v. Valkyrie Armor

The Valkyrie Armor was one of Noelle’s first significant powerups in the series and came at a crucial moment against the reincarnated elves.

The base form of this spell consists of an ornate complete set of armor made of water, complete with a tiara and ornamental wings. The armor also comes with a lance that can be used to attack and break through other spells.

How Strong Is Noelle Silva? Abilities And Powers Explained!
Valkyrie Dress | Source: Fandom

Noelle gains Impressive speed and mobility when wearing the armor and can glide through the air with ease. The Valkyrie Armor is also reminiscent of armor worn by Noelle’s mother, Acier.

The Mermaid Form of this spell replaces the armor with a mermaid tail made of water. The tail grants Noelle maneuverability while underwater.

She first used this form of the valkyrie armor in combination with Lolopechka’s magic creating a mass of water for her to move through.

II. Reinforcement Magic

Reinforcement magic allows Noelle to increase her physical capabilities by concentrating her mana either around her entire body or around specific parts.

i. Mana Skin

Mana Skin is a spell that creates a thin protective coating of Mana around Noelle’s body. Noelle learned this spell while training under Mereoleona Vermilion at the Yultim Volcano Trail. Mana Skin helped her resist the intense heat of the strong magic region.

ii. Leg Strength Boost

Noelle uses this spell to boost her speed and the strength of her legs by concentrating mana around her feet like a pair of glowing boots.

How Strong Is Noelle Silva? Abilities And Powers Explained!
Leg Strength Boost | Source: Fandom

Like Mana Skin, she also learned this spell while training under Mereoleona before their battle against the Eye of The Midnight Sun.

III. Spirit Magic

Noelle has gained the faith of Undine, the water spirit. She can now summon Undine, use her powers and assimilate with her. After gaining Undine, Noelle has reached a new stage called the Saint Stage.

i. Spirit Dive

Noelle can assimilate her body with Undine with the spell Spirit Dive. This gives her more direct access and control over Undine’s magic, increasing her powers drastically.

Spirit Dive also gives Noelle access to a new form of the Valkyrie Armor and the ability to purify evil and destroy devils.

ii. Saint Valkyrie Armor

Through Spirit Dive, Noelle can assimilate Undine into her body and Valkyrie Armor, giving it a new form– Noelle’s strongest one yet.

The Saint Valkyrie Armor is more ornate than the regular Valkyrie Armor, with two large feathery wings sprouting from the back. Her lance also is more smooth, unlike her swirling, regular lance.

How Strong Is Noelle Silva? Abilities And Powers Explained!
Noelle Silva | Source: Fandom

This spell is a Saint Stage spell. Noelle’s attacks are capable of defeating devils with this spell. Armed with the spell, Noelle instantly cut through Vanica’s Herd Of Red Beasts spell in Chapter 296.

IV. Magic Techniques

As for techniques, as of Chapter 295, Noelle can use two magic techniques– Mana Method and Ultimate Magic. These techniques further enhance Noelle’s Water Magic. She is yet to learn to use the Mana Zone technique.

How Strong Is Noelle Silva? Abilities And Powers Explained!
Noelle Mana Skin | Source: Fandom

i. Mana Method

Mana Method is a technique used by the Heart Kingdom. It involves using natural mana to form runes that can be arranged to create powerful spells.

Noelle has learned to use the Mana Method technique after training with the Heart Kingdom and has learned to generate True Water Magic, which lets her summon real water.

ii. Ultimate Magic

Ultimate Magic is an esoteric technique belonging to the elves. This technique is obtained by drawing closer to the origin of souls and becoming closer to mana,

Ultimate magic embodies all the caster’s magic, creating a unique, unrivaled spell for each individual that is the essence of magic itself. Noelle learned this technique from the elves and their deity, the Dryad, and is yet to use it.

2. About Black Clover

Black Clover is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yūki Tabata. It has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine since February 16, 2015.

The story centers around Asta, a young boy seemingly born without any magic power, something that is unknown in the world he lives in; and his foster brother Yuno who received the rare four-leaf grimoire and has more magic power than most people! With his fellow mages from the Black Bulls, Asta plans to become the next Wizard King.

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