Main Missions, Sidequests & Other Activities – Horizon Forbidden West

The release of Horizon Forbidden West has let gamers crawl back into the Horizon series, which started five years ago. After stepping into the character of Aloy, you’ll set out on an even more exciting journey than the previous installments. According to the latest reviews, Forbidden West offers an intriguing narrative and potent gameplay options.  

However, players might wonder how much of the story they have left to finish while going through their adventures. If you’re one of those, no need to worry. 

In Horizon Forbidden West, there’re a total of 17 main story missions, and each of them demands a particular level requirement. You don’t have to be at the level every mission requires, but you may face a considerably laborious challenge if you decide to take them under-leveled.  

In this guide, you’ll receive a list of all main story missions and sidequests accessible in Horizon Forbidden West. 

List of All Main Story Missions in Horizon Forbidden West  

Main Missions, Sidequests & Other Activities – Horizon Forbidden West
All Main Story Missions

Here’s a list of all the main story missions: 

  • Reach For The Stars (Level 3) 
  • To The Brink (Level 5) 
  • The Embassy (Level 7) 
  • Death’s Door (Level 10) 
  • The Dying Lands (Level 15) 
  • The Broken Sky (Level 17) 
  • The Kulrut (Level 18) 
  • Cradle Of Echoes (Level 20) 
  • The Sea Of Sands (Level 22) 
  • Seeds Of The Past (Level 24) 
  • Faro’s Tomb (Level 26) 
  • Gemini (Level 30) 
  • The Wings Of The Ten (Level 32) 
  • Singularity (Level 35) 

Players will also come across “Interlude” missions which are a part of the main missions in the game’s progress tracker. Nevertheless, they’re shorter than main missions. 

The Interludes in the game are as follows: 

  • The Point Of The Lance (Level 4)  
  • The Eye Of The Earth (Level 17) 
  • All That Remains (Level 31) 

How many side missions are there in Horizon Forbidden West? 

Main Missions, Sidequests & Other Activities – Horizon Forbidden West
Side Missions

In Horizon Forbidden West, there’re an adequate number of side missions and other activities to help you gain a head-start on the level requirements. Moreover, completing side missions enable Aloy to stay courageous and prepared for battle.  

Mentioned below is a list of types of side missions and other activities in the game: 

I. Sidequests 

You can find them marked as green exclamation points on the map. They usually consist of multi-tier missions with dense narratives. 

  • Deep Trouble 
  • The Bristlebacks 
  • The Twilight Path 
  • Shadow From The Past 
  • Shadow In The West 
  • The Burning Blooms 
  • Need To Know 
  • The Roots That Bind 
  • Thirst For The Hunt 
  • The Wound In The Sand 
  • The Gate Of The Vanquished 
  • The Deluge 
  • A Soldier’s March 
  • Blood For Blood 
  • The Valley Of The Fallen 
  • The Second Verse 
  • The Blood Choke 
  • What Was Lost 
  • Lofty Ambitions 
  • Breaking Even 
  • Signal Spike 
  • Forbidden Legacy 
  • The Promontory 
  • A Tribe Apart 
  • Drowned Hopes 
  • The Way Home 

II. Errands 

Errands are miniature, single dimension missions in Horizon Forbidden West. They usually involve only one objective, such as fetching an object or destroying a machine. 

  • A Dash Of Courage 
  • A Bigger Boom 
  • The Enduring 
  • Signals Of The Sun 
  • First To Fly 
  • Call And Response 
  • Nights And Lights 
  • Burden Of Command 
  • The Souvenir 
  • Broken Locks 
  • The Music In The Metal 
  • The Oldgrowth 
  • In Bloom 

III. Salvage Contracts 

Main Missions, Sidequests & Other Activities – Horizon Forbidden West
Salvage Contracts

Salvage contracts are peculiar collection missions delivered in the shape of a contract. Merchants and NPCs hand them to players in Horizon Forbidden West. 

  • Keruf’s Salvage Unlimited 

IV. Hunting Grounds 

These are challenges you need to complete within a particular amount of time. Hunting grounds test a player’s ability to kill and dismantle machines in various ways. 

  • The Daunt 
  • Plainsong 

V. Melee Pits 

Main Missions, Sidequests & Other Activities – Horizon Forbidden West
Melee Pits

Melee pits focus on melee-based combat trials, which test one’s ability to use spears creatively amidst fights.  

  • Chainscrape 
  • Scalding Spear 
  • The Bulwark 
  • Thornmarsh 

VI. The Arena 

Main Missions, Sidequests & Other Activities – Horizon Forbidden West
The Arena

The Arena is a crucial location in the game. In this area of Horizon Forbidden West, you can borrow a gauntlet of trials and fight for a place in online leaderboards. 

  • Opening The Arena 
  • The Arena 

VII. Rebel Camps 

Occupied by Tenakth rebels, these small enclosures need clearance in order to disrupt Regalla’s rebellion. 

  • Eastern Lie 
  • The Hive 

VIII. Rebel Outposts 

Main Missions, Sidequests & Other Activities – Horizon Forbidden West
Rebel Outposts

Relic outposts are tiny editions of Rebel camps. They feature a commander and treasure for you to loot. 

  • Shining Wastes South 

IX. Relic Ruins 

Main Missions, Sidequests & Other Activities – Horizon Forbidden West
Relic Ruins

Relic Ruins are puzzles embedded in several parts of the environment, which you need to complete to obtain ornaments and other valuable items. 

  • The Daunt 
  • No Man’s Land 
  • The Dry Yearn 
  • Restless Weald 
  • The Stillsands 
  • Rubber’s Wild 
  • The Long Coast 
  • Isle Of Spires 

X. Tallnecks 

Main Missions, Sidequests & Other Activities – Horizon Forbidden West

In Horizon Forbidden West, Tallnecks are a replacement of towers, and hence upon completion, they add key information to Aloy’s map. 

Additionally, they’re humungous giraffe-like machines that patrol around the jungle. 

  • Cinnabar Sands 
  • The Shining Wastes 
  • Salt Bite 
  • The Stillsands 
  • The Stand Of The Sentinels 
  • Landfall 

XI. Cauldrons 

Main Missions, Sidequests & Other Activities – Horizon Forbidden West

Cauldrons are the dungeons of Horizon Forbidden West. Through this side mission, you’ll learn how to override machines and explore their origin. 

  • TAU 
  • MU 
  • IOTA 
  • CHI 
  • KAPPA 

XI. Gauntlet Runs 

Main Missions, Sidequests & Other Activities – Horizon Forbidden West
Gauntlet Runs

Gauntlet runs are races involving machines and other machinery. Besides, they examine your mastery in overriding machines. 

XII. Dry Yearn 

The game also invites players to upgrade their equipment by killing organic and machine animals. Hunting sentient animals rewards you with crafting material for pouches like Aloy’s quiver, whereas machines gift you ingredients to enhance her weapons and armor. 

About Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West is the sequel to 2017’s Horizon Zero Dawn by Guerilla Games. An open-world, action adventure game, players control Aloy, a Nora hunter who is on a quest to reverse the effects of a strange crimson blight which is infecting the land. Set in a completely new world, Horizon Forbidden West has many new machines, threats and adventures for Aloy.

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