Peridea: The Mysterious Realm Beyond the Star Wars Galaxy in ‘Ahsoka’

Lady Morgan Elsbeth is trying to find a way to get to Peridea – a novel and transformative concept in the Star Wars universe, as revealed by Ahsoka.

Jedi legends, just like all other legends, have some basis in reality within the universe. The new Disney+ series, Ahsoka, is set to explore the truth behind a Jedi fable, with an astounding scope and scale.

Lady Morgan Elsbeth is on a quest to find an ancient starmap that will reveal the access to Peridea. This is a new concept in the Star Wars canon and lore, which has not been mentioned in the Star Wars Universe before.

Yes, Ahsoka Disney+ TV series is narrating a fresh and original story – one that creates uncertainty and anticipation for both old and new viewers. And we’re here in time to tell you all about it. Here is a summary of what we know about the access to Peridea so far.

1. The Disappearance of Grand Admiral Thrawn

Grand Admiral Thrawn, the most eminent of the Imperial Grand Admirals, vanished at least nine years ago during the Battle of Lothal in the final episode of Star Wars Rebels.

Peridea: The Mysterious Realm Beyond the Star Wars Galaxy in ‘Ahsoka’
Grand Admiral Thrawn | Source: Starwars

Jedi Padawan Ezra Bridger summoned a group of purrgil, Star Wars’ space-dwelling creatures, to drag Thrawn’s flagship into hyperspace. According to Lady Morgan Elsbeth, the purrgil transported Thrawn, Ezra, and the flagship to a remote location that some refer to as Peridea – a place that the Jedi regard as a mythical realm.

The nature and location of Peridea remain uncertain. Lady Morgan’s starmap indicates that it is either a faraway galaxy or a planet on the Outer Rim of that galaxy.

In any case, this twist expands the Star Wars universe significantly, as Star Wars has always been centered on the stories of heroes and villains of a single galaxy since 1977.

Even the Star Wars Expanded Universe only experimented with intergalactic concepts occasionally, most notably with the Yuuzhan Vong, who were initially thought to be invaders from another galaxy.

2. The Intergalactic Travel by the Purrgil

Lady Morgan’s starmap reveals the intergalactic travel of the space-dwelling creatures called purrgil. The purrgil are a significant species in Star Wars; they create tunnels through hyperspace (known as simu-tunnels), and their behavior is believed to have influenced the first hyperspace explorers millennia ago.

Purrgil simu-tunnels can potentially create a navigational risk for starships when they intersect with common hyperspace trade routes, but fortunately they tend to follow established migration routes, meaning their paths can be anticipated.

Lady Morgan’s starmap depicts what appears to be one such purrgil migration route that traverses the intergalactic space to Peridea.

3. Peridea is Influenced by Arthurian Mythology

Peridea is a mythical realm for the Jedi. The Nightsisters of Dathomir, however, are aware of the reality; that the inhabitants of Peridea visited the Star Wars galaxy thousands of years ago.

They seem to have some connection to the Nightsisters, because Lady Morgan’s magick can interact with the extragalactic starmap with remarkable ease. This may also explain why Nightsister magick is distinct from Sith or Jedi powers; their abilities have always been peculiar, hard to categorize, with features that do not align with conventional Force usage.

Peridea: The Mysterious Realm Beyond the Star Wars Galaxy in ‘Ahsoka’
The Nightsisters | Source: Starwars

It is likely that they are descended from these extragalactic visitors and have inherited a relationship with the Force that differs from the one observed by the inhabitants of the Star Wars galaxy.

The Ahsoka series is evidently influenced by Arthurian mythology – but with a sinister twist. Character names are derived from Arthurian legends (such as Lady Morgan and Marrok), and Grand Admiral Thrawn is portrayed as the Empire’s King Arthur – the legendary king who will return in the Empire’s time of need. Peridea seems to be based on the island of Avalon, a place of magic where Arthur was taken for healing.

4. Peridea is Connected to Either Zeffo or Rakata

Baylan mentions the access to Peridea, but Morgan gives an intriguing response implying that Peridea should be called by another name. She is likely referring to the name that the inhabitants of Peridea used for their own world or galaxy, a name that the Nightsisters must be familiar with.

Ahsoka episode 2 deliberately omits this name, though, suggesting that it may be a name that is recognizable to long-term Star Wars viewers.

Peridea may have some connection to either the Zeffo or the Rakata. The Zeffo, introduced in Jedi: Fallen Order, are a species known to have links to the Nightsisters. According to Jedi: Survivor, they traveled toward the galactic rim and then disappeared.

The Rakata, on the other hand, originate from the old Star Wars Legends, where they emerged in the Deep Core and once dominated the entire galaxy. The Rakata were canonized in a subtle Easter egg in Andor, which may have been intentional foreshadowing – preparing the stage for a new version of the Rakata, with an extragalactic origin.

Regardless of the truth, it is likely that Ahsoka will reveal more about Peridea and its inhabitants.

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5. About Star Wars: Ahsoka

Ahsoka is a Star Wars show on Disney+. Created by Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni, the show sees Rosario Dawson returning as Ahsoka Tano.

The series follows Anakin’s former Padawan Ahsoka Tano as she hunts the Chiss dictator Grand Admiral Thrawn, who plans to take over the galaxy.

The cast includes Rosario Dawson, Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Eman Esfandi,  Ray Stevenson, and Ivanna Sakhno. 

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