House of the Dragon: Plot, Trailer, Cast, and Episode Release Schedule

If you still feel let down by the way Game of Thrones ended, House of the Dragon is here to redeem some of it—or at least, build a reputation of its own.

House of the Dragon is set to release this August, and you may want to find out more before you invest your time in it. So, what is it all about?

House of the Dragon is a GoT sequel that depicts the Targaryen civil war. Consisting of ten episodes, it will air on HBO and HBO Max from August 21 onwards.  

I’m sure you’d love to know more details about the plot, characters and even have look at the trailer. So, I’ve put together everything we know about the show so far!

1. Release Date, Episode Count, and Schedule

The first thing you need to know in order to gear up for the show is its release date and schedule. House of the Dragon will premiere on HBO and HBO Max starting August 21. It will have ten episodes in total, with a new one releasing every week.

The Season 1 finale will air on October 23. Have a look at the full schedule here:

NoTitleDirectionTeleplayRelease Date
1“The Heirs of the Dragon”Miguel Sapochnik Ryan J CondalAugust 21, 2022
2“The Rogue Prince”Greg YaitanesRyan J CondalAugust 28, 2022
3TBAGreg YaitanesRyan J Condal & Gabe FonsecaSeptember 4, 2022
4TBAClare KilnerIra ParkerSeptember 11, 2022
5TBAClare KilnerCharmaine DeGratéSeptember 18, 2022
6TBAMiguel SapochnikSara HessSeptember 25, 2022
7TBAMiguel SapochnikKevin LauOctober 2, 2022
8TBAGeeta V PatelEileen ShimOctober 9, 2022
9TBAClare KilnerSara HessOctober 16, 2022
10TBAGreg YaitanesRyan J CondalOctober 23, 2022

2. Plot

House of the Dragon will depict the Targaryen civil war that ultimately drove both the Targaryens and their dragons into extinction. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves, as S1 will begin with princess Rhaenyra’s childhood, where she is promised to be the next in line for the Iron throne.

House of the Dragon: Plot, Trailer, Cast and Episode Release Schedule
House of the Dragons

But being a woman, she faces a lot of opposition, especially from her uncle Daemon and her new step-mother Alicent. This rivalry will set into motion a huge war that will be covered in the later seasons.

As expected with a Game of Thrones spinoff, there will be a lot of intricate twists and turns that shape the fate of different characters. 

3. Cast and Characters

Get ready for a Targaryen full-house played by some A-list actors. Emma D’Arcy helms the role of Rhaenyra, who will be fighting for her throne. While Olivia Cooke will play Alicent Hightower, her childhood friend turned sour stepmother who tries to steal the throne for her son. We also have Matt Smith as Daemon Targaryen, who will try his hand at being the ruler as well.

House of the Dragon: Plot, Trailer, Cast and Episode Release Schedule
House of the Dragons

For a clear guide on who plays who, refer to the table:

Rhaenyra TargaryenEmma D’Arcy
Daemon TargaryenMatt Smith
Alicent HightowerOlivia Cooke
Viserys I TargaryenPaddy Considine
Otto HightowerRhys Ifans
Corlys VelaryonSteve Toussaint
Rhaenys VelaryonEve Best
Criston ColeFabien Frankel

4. Trailers and Poster

Since the Dance of the Dragon arc is a long one, the trailer gives us an idea of where exactly the story will start and what plotlines will be covered. Of course, it also serves us shots of various dragons, which is a sure way of getting fans excited.

House of the Dragon | Official Trailer | Max

Here are some of the mesmerizing official posters:

House of the Dragon will premiere on HBO and HBO Max on August 21.

Watch House Of The Dragon on:

5. About House Of The Dragon

House of the Dragon is the prequel series to HBO’s blockbuster Game of Thrones based on George R. R. Martin’s book Fire & Blood.

Set three hundred years before the events of Game of ThronesHouse of the Dragon will show Westeros under the Targaryen family’s rule before the dragons went extinct. It will follow the Dance of the Dragons, the Targaryen civil war between siblings Aegon II and Rhaenyra, who fought for the throne after the death of their father, Viserys I.

Directed by Ryan Condall and Miguel Sapochnik, the show stars Paddy Considine as Viserys I Targaryen, Emma D’Arcy as Rhaenyra Targaryen, Olivia Cooke as Alicent Hightower, Matt Smith as Daemon Targaryen, Tom Glynn-Craney as Aegon II Targaryen, Rhys Ifans as Otto Hightower, Steve Toussaint as Corlys Velaryon, Eve Best as Rhaenys Velaryon, Sonoya Mizuno as Mysaria, Fabien Frankel as Criston Cole, and Graham McTavish.

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