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Honey Lemon Soda Live-Action Film’s BTS Footage Shows Actors Having Fun on Filming Set!

The Honey Lemon Soda live-action film tells a refreshing story with even more refreshing actors. The new behind the scenes clip shows us the fun parts of the filming procedure!

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Uka Ishimori is splashed with Lemon Soda on her first day of high school. Her resolve to move on from her shy self crumbles soon after. However, Kai sees her real self and gives her a chance to build up her confidence.

Honey Lemon Soda’s live-action movie adaptation will premiere on 9th July. Behind-the-scenes footage has also been revealed for the upcoming film.

Cute Clip of Honey Lemon Soda

It is a cute clip that shows the main actors and actresses having fun in-between the shoots. The actors seem to be having a blast, from taking selfies, cracking jokes, playing rock-paper-scissors to fiddling with filming materials.

They have also commented on how much they enjoyed the filming and how it was a great experience overall. The actors play jokes while on set but transform into their characters as soon as the slate is clapped.

Fans of the Snow Man music band will also be happy to see Raul, the band’s member, having fun in the clip as an actor.

A sweet and cute trailer for the film had also been previously revealed for the upcoming movie. The plot romanticizes high school life and makes us feel even more miserable about our bygone school days.

The original Honey Lemon Soda manga is also nominated for the 45th Kodansha Manga Arads under the Shoujo category.

With a shy and introverted heroine and a sharp hero, the film is bound to give you fuzzy feelings! How will Kai help Uka become confident in her day-to-day life?

About Honey Lemon Soda

Honey Lemon Soda is a manga series by Mayu Murata. It was first launched in the Ribon magazine by Shueisha in December 2015. The manga’s last volume was published in December 2020.

Uka Ishimori is often call teased by being called a ‘stone’ because of her shyness and her habit of freezing up in social situations. When she joins high school, Ishimori tries to change herself. Kai Miura, her classmate who has lemon-colored hair, warms up to her and helps her with her troubles.

Source: Honey Lemon Soda Youtube

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