Hizukuri, Original Short Anime Completes Production; Upcoming Debut

Hizukuri, an original anime, will soon be released. It is a dystopian story set in a parallel world. Hizukuri also means Creation with Fire. The name references the process of making scissors.

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The anime got clearance from a crowdfunding campaign. It is an anime that is inspired by real-life scissor-artisans.

The official Twitter account of Hizukuri announced that the production of the anime is completed already. However, no details have been released about the premiere date or channel of the anime broadcast.

Original short animation #Fire making is complete! We are considering opening it to the public! Please stay tuned! !!

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A visual is also released along with the tweet. The visual shows a message from Naoki Matsuura saying that the broadcast information will be released soon. We can hope for the anime to premiere in 2021.

The boy with the red hat in the visual is the main protagonist of the short anime. He will go on a journey to find a scissor-maker who will fix the scissors of his deceased father.

Hizukuri was first launched on MotionGallery, a crowdfunding platform. It reached the goal of $8,500 (¥ 1 million) by December 2016. The campaign was open till late January 2017.

A short anime was the goal of the staff behind Hizukuri. Naoki Matsuura is directing the anime while UQiYO is composing the music. Hizukuri is Matsuura’s first project as the main director.

Naoki Matsuura has shared that the anime is inspired by his real-life encounter with a scissor artisan. SASUKE is a blacksmith shop at Sakai, Osaka, in Japan. The story originates from this shop.

About Hizukuri

Hizukuri is an original anime that is being directed by Naoki Matsuura. The anime was produced through a crowdfunding campaign.

Hizukuri, Original Short Anime Completes Production; Upcoming Debut
Cover | Source: Crunchyroll

In a parallel world, a little boy finds a pair of scissors from the belongings of his deceased father. He learns that his father was a gardener.

He finds out that the scissors were made by Sasuke, an artisan from a foreign country. The boy sets out on a journey to find Sasuke and repair the scissors.

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