AMD A620 Motherboards will not Offer PCI Express Gen5 Support

AMD introduced a new scope of possibilities with the AM5 socket platform. It truly set a new standard for processors among gamers, creators, and workstation users. This futuristic technology along with AMD’s board partners offered a range of options for its users.

Known hardware leaker @chi11eddog has revealed the specs of the AMD A620 motherboard.

AMD A620 Motherboards will not Offer PCI Express Gen5 Support
AMD B650 vs. A620

The A620 is an entry-level chipset with AMD AM5 socket for the latest Ryzen 7000 CPU series. The A620 motherboard will not support PCIe Gen5. Compared to the B650 series, this is a downgrade since it supports Gen4 by default and has an option for Gen5 in the Extreme variant.

Similar to the B650, the A620 will also offer 28 CPU PCIe lanes, but with only Gen4 support. However, the chipset PCIe lanes will be optimized for Gen3 compatibility.

AMD A620 Motherboards will not Offer PCI Express Gen5 Support
AMD AM5 Chipsets

As expected, the A620 motherboards will not allow CPU overclocking, but instead will support memory OC. This implies either manual overclocking support or support for AMD EXPO profiles. Some A520 AM4-based motherboards do allow overclocking via BCLK adjustment.

AMD had earlier stated that the starting price of AM5 motherboards would be $125. However, not a single B650 chipset costs that much now. Hopefully, the A620 motherboards would be priced reasonably.

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