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Gundam Thunderbolt’s Author to Supervise Kanawa no Kage Rui

Manga creator Yasuo Ohtagaki popularly known for Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt, recently announced that his Diana & Artemis manga would be concluding on July 7.

With that series coming to an end, Ohtagaki has taken up yet another project.

Ohtagaki, along with Animation studio Anima, will be supervising Author Shunji Etō and artist Natsumi Inoue’s new Kanawa no Kage Rui manga that released on eBookJapan website on June 23.

Kanawa no Kage Rui Manga will be supervised by Ohtagaki & Animation studio Anima.
Kanawa no Kage Rui | Source: Comics Natalie

Animation studio Anima is popularly known for creating Altered Carbon: Resleeved and started a project to create original works with manga and novels. Yasuo Ohtagaki will be supervising the manga as a participant within this project.

Creators have also announced that Kanawa no Kage Rui will receive updates every other week.

The second part of this series will be a novel by Shōtarō Teshirogi tentatively titled “Iron Castle. It will be published by Shogakukan’s Gagaga Bunko label.

Kanawa no Kage Rui Manga will be supervised by Ohtagaki & Animation studio Anima.
Yasuo Ohtagaki

Protagonists hunting demons in ancient Japan has spawned various well-known titles like Dororo.

Fans can’t wait to see what unique twist this manga will bring to this widely used concept.

About Kanawa no Kage Rui

Kanawa no Kage Rui is a manga series written by Shunji Etō and illustrated by Natsumi Inoue’s published on the eBookJapan website from July 23.

The series is set in a period when Japan isn’t a unified state with the Yamato Imperial Court and the native Emishi people calling a ceasefire in Japan’s northeastern Tohoku region.

With the ceasefire in place, an Imperial Court envoy who calls himself Sanekage visits Aterui, the chief of a great Emishi tribe, and suddenly declares, “Let’s go on a journey to hunt a demon together.”

A demon made by a shōmoji entertainer has started indiscriminately attacking people of the Imperial Court.

Aterui who has no reason to help his enemies reluctantly decides to embark on this journey with Sanekage to get revenge for his wife

Source: Comic Natalie

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