Grand Theft Auto VI insider reveals interesting new aging feature

Rockstar Games has not reported anything on the Grand Theft Auto VI front for a while now. However, data mines and leaks from insider sources are sustaining the community.

Recently, it was reported by reputed leaker GGRecon, based on the Project Americas leak, that Grand Theft Auto VI will feature an aging system that will also apply to hair and beard growth.

This will remind players of a similar system that was in place in Red Dead Redemption 2 which was released by Rockstar Games in 2018. In the game, the protagonist Arthur Morgan has to visit the barbershop for a fresh haircut ever so often.

The slide shared by leaker @RockstarGTAVI on Twitter shows a male and a female protagonist displaying different hair growth levels. This system will not be anything revolutionary but will provide an immersive experience.

Games like Sims 4 have had aging systems for a long time. However, GTA VI will take it a step further with the alleged introduction of wrinkles amidst hair growth.

Rockstar Games have likely fine-tuned and improved the technology we saw in Red Dead Redemption 2.

The need for official information by Rockstar Games is concerning. It has been suggested that August will be the last month of complete silence by Rockstar Games on the GTA VI front.

Insiders have also teased that the game will be set across several periods. The chainsaw will also be making a comeback. The game’s police will also get a significant overhaul with more realistic arrival times to the crime scene and surrounding area instead of converging on the player.

With the probable release windows being 2024 or 2025, Rockstar is expected to start the promotion for GTA VI at a near point in the future. It will be interesting to see the exact new features present in the title after being developed for almost a decade.

About GTA VI

GTA VI also known as Grand Theft Auto VI is the sixth installment to the Grand Theft Auto series.

Grand Theft Auto games are known for their Open World aspect giving players the freedom to do anything and everything possible. The last game to this franchise was the GTA V game which came out in 2013 for consoles.

Licensed under Rockstar Games, GTA VI is currently in development and no information on its release date has been confirmed yet.

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