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Will Boruto and Kawaki’s new godly powers thwart Eida and Code?

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

Chapter 68 was a whirlwind of events that left us fearing for everyone’s safety in Konoha.

Just when we got the great news that Boruto hit the jackpot of Ōtsutsuki membership without Momoshiki’s resurrection and Kawaki was A-OK, Code and Eida casually infiltrate Amado’s lab.

While Shikamaru predicted the former’s invasion and sicked a reprogrammed Delta on him, no one was prepared for the Senrigan queen’s arrival.

Especially not our usually composed and conniving scientist, who looked pale as Eida stared daggers at him.

Now that we run the risk of Code’s limiters being removed, there’s sure to be chaos as the Ōtsutsukified Shinobi brothers face off against the goddess of clairvoyance and Isshiki’s successor.

But with a month’s gap before the next chapter drops, all we can do is wait and speculate on how the legendary battle will play out.

Is Boruto invincible? Can he and Kawaki defeat Code?

Boruto’s new Ōtsutsuki physiology has earned him the number one spot alongside Kawaki as the most powerful Shinobis on the planet.

With access to the full range of Ōtsutsuki abilities and their technology, it’s safe to say Boruto is now unbeatable. But as Momoshiki warned him, he hasn’t conquered death.

Will Boruto and Kawaki’s new godly powers thwart Eida and Code?
Code And Kawaki | Source: IMDb

However, that can be remedied by implanting a Kāma seal on a suitable host. Boruto can also channel Momoshiki’s powers significantly better, even stating he no longer requires Amado’s drugs.

But the most striking OP ability is his Jōgan Eye. Besides having a feature that scares the living hell of high-ranking Ōtsutsukis, Boruto can now master it thanks to his new DNA.

Locating and absorbing Chakra will be a breeze, as well as spotting interdimensional rifts. He’ll likely train with Sasuke to better control it in the future.

Coming to Kawaki. Kawaki’s weaponized Kāma imbibed him with power levels that are off the charts! He sustained minimal damage after his lethal blast was deflected back onto him and even gave Code a run for money during their duel.

Besides shrinking Code’s claw marks, Kawaki would have destroyed him in their 1v1 battle if it weren’t for Daemon.

Although limitless Code is a formidable threat to Kawaki and Boruto alone, their combined efforts will take him down.

However, now that Eida has entered the fray, complications will rise, especially when the brothers’ friends and family are pulled into the mix.

Will Eida have her revenge?

Eida’s been out for Amado’s blood ever since she found out he robbed her of the chance of discovering true love. So now that he’s finally within her reach, it looks like it’s payback time, right?

It’s unclear if Eida will immediately get even with Amado in the next chapter. Even though she’s stated she would kill him the next time they meet, the situation is more complicated now.

Will Boruto and Kawaki’s new godly powers thwart Eida and Code?
Eida | Source: Fandom

Firstly, Code needs Amado alive to remove his limiters. While it’ll be a simple task for Eida to charm him into doing it and then finish him off, it’ll be let down to the build-up he’s had so far.

Amado shouldn’t simply be written off as a mere revenge kill after all the feats he’s accomplished in Shinobi Ware advancement and cyborg development.

Besides, we’ve only scratched the surface of his character as there is a ton of stuff we still don’t know about him.

Secondly, Delta isn’t going to sit idly by as everything’s south. Shikamaru is sure to be on top of the situation and probably order her to get Amado to safety or take Code out of the picture for good.

While there’s a risk of her falling in love with Eida, it’s still uncertain if the latter’s infatuation-inducing power can insta-charm everyone in the room or have a long-range effect.

But if Kishimoto has given her a relatively large and selective charm radius, only a confrontation with Boruto and Kawaki will save Konoha. However, even their battle has a significant drawback.

If Naruto rushes to his sons’ rescue, Eida can force Kawaki and Boruto into turning themselves in by threatening to command their father to endanger himself.

However, assuming dimensional rifts could break her control over Naruto, Sasuke could use his Space-Time Dōjutsu and teleport Eida to another realm.

There are numerous ways the next chapter will play out based on the extent of Ada’s powers and the precarious position everyone’s in with her unquenchable thirst for revenge.

Is Amado the final villain?

Although Amado aided Naruto in Isshiki’s takedown, it isn’t easy to see him as a trustworthy ally, especially now that he admitted putting a Kāma seal on Kawaki without his consent.

Even though he rationalized it to foresight and fulfillment of Kawaki’s desire to protect Naruto, he still sounds shady as Shikamaru had to ask why he was so obsessed with the boy pointedly.

Will Boruto and Kawaki’s new godly powers thwart Eida and Code?
Amado | Source: IMDb

Amado’s detached nature, coupled with his galaxy brain IQ, makes him a prime candidate for a villain, as it’s clear he always has a plan up his sleeve and has no qualms about using anyone or anything to get his way.

Moreover, his secretiveness and previous betrayal are seriously worrisome and telling traits of his true character.

Another cause to suspect the scientist is his monopoly over information. So far, everything from Kara’s experiments to Ōtsutsuki lore is handed to Naruto via Amado.

So, by forcing people to give him the benefit of the doubt and deem everything he says is accurate, he can easily circulate fatal misinformation if he decides to go rogue.

Moreover, he’s an expert in manipulating everything and everyone to go according to a meticulously crafted master script by either withholding important details or flat out lying.

Now that it’s established that Amado has what it takes to be a perfect villain, his motivations have to be uncovered.

One possible theory is the resurrection of his dead daughter using Isshiki’s Daikokuten through Kawaki, as this Dōjutsu is inspired by a wishing granting Japanese deity.

Another wacky theory is the crazy chance Amado is a Ōtsutsuki!

He could be a Ōtsutsuki of low status who plotted Isshiki’s demise so that he could use Kawaki as his perfect vessel.

Will Boruto and Kawaki’s new godly powers thwart Eida and Code?
Kawaki | Source: IMDb

It would make sense, as he celebrates the young Shinobi’s acceptance of the Kāma seal when he should have been pissed that Isshiki is one step closer to revival.

It’s also likely he made up the sob story of his daughter to gain pity points from Naruto, seeing that the Hokage’s kind nature is easy to take advantage of.

But regardless of what his plans are, I doubt he’ll try anything soon, as he’s backed up against a corner right now and needs all the help he can get to evade Eida and Code’s wrath.

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