God of High School Episode 13 Review: What Did You Miss?

Episode 13 of the “God of Highschool” ended the series momentously, as it took on a more literal meaning than what fans thought was possible.

It fulfilled all our expectations and went above and beyond. Not only did it attempt to answer our questions (keyword is attempt), the action scenes made it one of the best anime to release this year.

While its plot was questionable at best and had its fair share of haters, not one person could be seen criticizing the animation.

Review of episode 13 God of High School
Jin Mori | Source: God of High School Wiki-Fandom

With Taek Jegal consuming the Key and going on a murderous rampage, and Mori losing against him, the latter needed a tiny power up. And what better way to do so than him becoming a God?

With many more reveals, fights, and emotional scenes, episode 13 had it all.

1. Episode 12 Recap

Episode 12, titled “Fox/God,” covered chapters 97 to 110 of the webtoon. The episode began with Mandeok calling down thousands of nephilims and a God, in order to carry out a mass purging.

As The Six and GOH Commissioners started fighting back to prevent the end of the world (literally), Ilpyo clashed against Taek Jegal. Unable to cope with the latter’s powers, he lost against Jegal, and the Key came out from within him.

Review of episode 13 God of High School
Park Ilpyo | Source: God of High School Wiki-Fandom

As expected, both Nox and The Six scrambled to obtain it; however, it somehow ended up in the hands of our protagonist, Mori. While this was happening, in the sky above the arena, a golden buddha like figure descended.

At this time, some of the enemy forces turned towards the kids, and to prevent them from getting hurt, Mujin sent them away. In this new location, Daewi and Mira came across Ilpyo’s wounded teammates. As we finally glimpsed Daewi’s Charyeok called Haetae, the devil arrived.

Defeated by Taek Jegal, Daewi and Mira were terribly wounded. Fortunately, Mori arrived in time to face off against him. While this was happening, above the surface, things got even crazier. To defeat God, the United States of America sent hundreds of nuclear missiles towards South Korea.

Fortunately, Jaeson Jeon first teleported all the people within South Korea outside the danger area and then combined all the nuclear missiles into one. Furthermore, he even summoned a meteor to push the gigantic missile into God. It worked, and with a huge explosion, everything went silent.

Jegal Taek vs Park Ilpyo & Jin Mori

Due to the nuclear blast, the Key was revealed in Mori’s hands, which the Jegal now possessed. He consumed the Key and turned into a full-fledged winged God. With a customary “You losers will die” threat, the episode ended.

2. Episode 13 Review

Episode 13, titled “GOD/GOD,” had Taek Jegal take over as the main antagonist, as he tried to follow through with his crazy plan of consuming everything in sight. With the power of the Key and Greed, it was very possible for him to succeed in doing so.

Mira’s exemplary sword attacks, Daewi’s Charyeok powered punches, and even Mori’s Kicks had no effect on him.

Even after he used acupuncture (taught to him by Nah Bongchim) on himself to surpass his limits, Taek’s simple moves overwhelmed all. It was at this point that Daewi took it upon himself to protect his friends.

I. Mori’s True Form

Daewi’s sacrificial move to protect Mira and Mori awakened the latter’s true form, which was on the brink of revealing itself since episode 11.

After slipping into a semi-conscious state, Mori saw his past experiences where he alone was enough to eliminate Gods and devils.

As he woke up from this dream-like state, his eyes turned blue, and a crown-like headband manifested itself in place of his sleeping mask. With a magnificent weapon, Nyoibo, falling from the sky, Mori graced us with his God-like presence.

From the shocked mutterings of Sang Mandeok, Mori was revealed to be Seiten Taisei, i.e., the great God Sun Wukong.

Pledging to avenge Ilpo, Mira, Daewi, and others, Mori started his attacks. With his powerful weapon Nyoibo, he made quick work of the monsters Jegal created. After a good 10 minutes of brilliant martial art moves, Jegal was simply overpowered even after consuming the Key.

It was at this time that he was reminded of the scene where Ilpyo was bashing him and muttered to himself that he was not going to be a loser. Sadly for him, Mori was not done yet. Summoning an entire thunder cloud, Kinto-Un, Mori unleashed a barrage of lightning bolts on Taek jegal.

This scene had chills racing down our backs, as everyone, even The Six, looked in in absolute wonderment. Park Mujin’s statement that Mori wasn’t like them, that he did not need to borrow power as he was a God himself, only brought further substance to the scene.

Review of episode 13 God of High School
Park Mujin | Source: God of High School Wiki-Fandom

However, Mori’s true form could only last so long. As Jegal was defeated, his godly power vanished. Furthermore, with no memories about where that power came from, or what he was, Mori had no clue about his identity. As everyone thought that the show was over and that the world was saved, Jegal made one last attempt.

II. The Finale

Taek Jegal turned into Greed itself, appearing as a monster with a mouth that looked like it could swallow God himself. Daewi and Mira fought back its tentacles, as Mori unsuccessfully tried to summon his power back. It was at this point that Ilpyo arrived and asked him to rely on his friends a little.

The next scene was truly beautiful, as the four friends, Mori, Ilpyo, Daewi, and Mira, walked together to bring down the Monster. Their attacks worked seamlessly, and with Jugok’s help, a Jin Mori Original ended the threat.

As Jegal was being consumed by his power, his hand stretched out, and he thought back to his mother’s last words. Just before he vanished, Ilpyo grabbed his hand, which was smacked by Jegal, who died after telling him to live a good life. I’m not crying, absolutely not.

III. Winner of the “God of Highschool”

With everything finally over, Kim Ungnyeo, one of The Six, and the progenitor of humankind made her appearance. Declaring Mori, Mira, and Daewi as the winner of the “God of Highschool,” she agreed to fulfill any one wish they had. Torn between asking for his grandfather’s whereabouts and healing his friends, Mori picked the latter.

Review of episode 13 God of High School
Kim Ungnyeo | Source: God of High School Wiki – Fandom

Unfortunately, Ungnyeo’s power only worked on those who were alive, which meant that everyone who died, including Jaeson jeon, the man who saved the world, would not be revived. As she comforted Mori by confirming that Jin Taejin was alive, the latter finally entered a deep sleep with a smile on his face.

IV. The End – Destination: Oreguk

The last few scenes for both this episode and “God of Highschool” anime took us through a three-month time skip, after which the world was changing rapidly. Two members of The Six reminisced, as Mujin planned to take over Korea as the president.

With Ilpyo traveling around the world to collect the Key fragments, Mori finally awoke from his sleep, and Daewi and Mira told him about his memories being sealed. To unseal them, they would need to make a trip to Saiten Taisei’s homeland – Oreguk.

The last scene showed us Jin Taejin locked up, announcing Mori to be capable of winning against the Gods, fate, and even himself. With this chilling scene, the “God of Highschool” season 1 ended momentously.

3. Will There be a Season 2 of “God of Highschool?”

Season 1 of the anime ‘The God of High School’ is just the beginning as many unpredictable plot twists, character arcs, and battle scenes await our main trio. Thankfully, this means that the studio, Mappa, has plenty of source material to work with for season 2.

Review of episode 13 God of High School
God of High School | Source: God of High School Wiki – Fandom

However, with its busy schedule due to the release of Jujutsu Kaisen on October 3 and Taiso Samurai on October 11, even if there is a season 2 of “God of Highschool,” it will come out in late 2021.

4. About God of High School

The God of High School or GOH is a South Korean webtoon written by Yongje Park. God of High School was first posted on Naver Webtoon on April 8, 2011; it was one of the first webtoons to receive an English translation at the launch of Line Webtoon app and website in July 2014.

While an island half-disappearing from the face of the earth, a mysterious organization is sending out invitations for a tournament to every skilled fighter in the world.

“If you win you can have ANYTHING you want.”

They’re recruiting only the best to fight the best and claim the title of The God of high school!


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