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Gintama THE FINAL Reveals Sorachi’s Gorilla Cameo And Self-Portrait

The humor of Hideaki Sorachi knows no bounds. He leaves no stones unturned to make fans laugh and this includes making fun of himself. His gorilla icon is also a famous running gag in the Gintama series.

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If you are even a bit familiar with Gintama, you will know that Sorachi’s characters make fun of anything and everything. From criticizing the producers to animators to Sorachi himself, Gintoki does not hold back.

Hideaki Sorachi’s latest shenanigan was posting a gorilla self-portrait on Twitter to announce his secret cameo in Gintama THE FINAL movie.

[I’m wearing school uniform !?]

Now being distributed! Week 3 Visitor Presents All 2 original drawings drawn by the teacher What is the identity of the Secret?

\ Gorilla Hideaki Sorachi (Gorilla) Gorilla /

Please enjoy it together with the voice actor participation in the main story!

* Scheduled to be redistributed in the 7th week (2/19 ~)

English Translation, Twitter Translate

Many mangakas have an animal icon that they use in their mangas to depict themselves. Sorachi’s signature form is a dull-looking gorilla who is always busy picking his nose. However, the illustrated gorilla looks more realistic than its normal appearance and is clothed in a suit.

Gintama THE FINAL film premiered on 8th January and dethroned Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba from its long reign over the box office. A new video posted on Twitter reveals that Hideaki Sorachi has a secret cameo in the film.

[Actually, this original picture …]

This secret <Hideaki Sorachi (gorilla)> original picture, the close-up video also shows a little of teacher’s dubbing!

Please check this out too !!

English Translation, Twitter Translate

The video is comically shot, and the comments by the staff seem ironic. The video shows Sorachi walking into the recording room for the anime film. It ends with the noises of a gorilla. Did Sorachi play a regular character, or has he totally resigned to his gorilla icon?

I cannot wait for the film to be licensed in English because this is a must-watch film for all Gintama fans. The film has included original scenes apart from the manga’s ending, and I cannot wait to experience them all!

About Gintama

The story is set in an alternate-history late-Edo period, where humanity is attacked by aliens called ‘Amanto.’ Edo Japan’s samurai fight to defend Earth, but the shōgun cowardly surrenders when he realizes the aliens’ power.

Gintama THE FINAL Reveals Sorachi's Gorilla Cameo & Self-Portrait
Gintama | Source: Fandom

He agrees to an unequal contract with the aliens, placing a ban on carrying swords in public and allowing the invaders to enter the country.

The samurai’s swords are confiscated, and the Tokugawa bakufu becomes a puppet government.

The series focuses on an eccentric samurai, Gintoki Sakata, who works as an odd-jobs freelancer. Although the story is mostly episodic, a few story arcs and recurring antagonists develop.

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