Gintama THE FINAL: Cameo By Sorachi

Sorachi’s Gorilla Self-Portrait

By Epic Dope Staff | January 24, 2021

The humor of Hideaki Sorachi knows no bounds. He leaves no stones unturned to make fans laugh and this includes making fun of himself.

Hideaki Sorachi’s latest shenanigan was posting a gorilla self-portrait to announce his secret cameo in the movie.

Sorachi’s signature animal icon is a dull-looking gorilla. But, the illustrated gorilla looks more realistic, clothed in a suit.

Gintama THE FINAL film premiered on 8th January. A new video posted on Twitter reveals that Hideaki Sorachi has a secret cameo in the film.

The video shows Sorachi walking into the recording room for the anime film. It ends with the noises of a gorilla.

I cannot wait for the film to be licensed in English because this is a must-watch film for all Gintama fans.