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Gigi And Noa Shippers Overjoyed at Alexandro’s English MV for Gundam Hathaway

Opening and ending themes matter a lot since they set the atmosphere for an anime and in a way help us understand the show and its characters better.

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Gundam: Hathaway has one fire soundtrack and it’s making everyone groove to its tune.

We already love and adore the Gundam franchise, and the creators always make sure they give us a track worthy of the anime. Needless to say, they’ve done it again.

The rock band Alexandros released the English version of the anime MV of their song Senkō. The song acts as the opening theme for the film Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway.

[Alexandros] - 閃光 (English ver.) - Animation MV
[Alexandros]-Flash (English ver.)-Animation MV

The music video has many scenes from the movie, whose theatrical release was on June 11th, 2021.

It’s essentially a fanservice MV for all Gigi and Noa shippers. It contains many scenes of the pair, like them being happy, sad, struggling, or in love.

The band posted the Japanese version of the song on April 28th, 2021.

[Alexandros] - 閃光 (MV)
[Alexandros]-Flash (MV)

Coming back to the anime MV, there are action and fighting scenes from the movie as well. It shows us the Hijackers, the scary pumpkin head, and the scary clown as they go on committing felonies.

The song has a really mellow yet peppy beat to it. It lifts up your mood or gives you goosebumps at the main verse.

No wonder this is the perfect song for the Gundam movie. I told you they never miss when it comes to the soundtrack.

The Gundam Hathaway film was delayed a lot before it was finally released this weekend. And now that it’s finally out, it has all the fans going crazy over it.

It is one movie that has everything, a fantastic storyline, great characters, incredible action scenes, and a banger soundtrack!

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Source: Alexandros Official Website

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