General Thrawn and RDJ Trending as Jon Ossoff’s Tweet Goes Viral Again

Georgia senator-elect Jon Ossoff is in the news – not because he won, but because of an eight-year-old tweet. The old tweet has resurfaced and has created a viral trend regarding one of Star Wars’ famous antagonists, General Thrawn. Why is the fan-favorite character trending? Is Robert Downey Jr. supposed to make his debut in the franchise with this role?

General Thrawn was first introduced in the Star Wars novels, which chronologically happened after the Return of the Jedi. Thrawn was a military commander who had taken control of the Galactic Empire’s armed forces. In 2014, these novels were no longer considered to be canon and all the characters featured in these books became officially non-existent.

Geberal Thrawn-news
Grand Admiral Thrawn in Star Wars Rebels

However, Dave Filoni brought back General Thrawn in Star Wars Rebels, and since then, the fans have been waiting to see the mighty commander in a live-action movie or series.

Jon Ossoff’s tweet was a question about whether the Star Wars sequel trilogy would be about General Thrawn. Although that did not happen, there is still hope for the character to appear on-screen, thanks to the renewed interest that The Mandalorian has generated in the franchise.

In the second season of The Mandalorian, Ahsoka Tano faces off against Imperial Magistrate Morgan Elsbeth and forces the Magistrate to give up her master, Grand Admiral Thrawn’s location. With Ahsoka Tano getting her own show, it is very possible that Thrawn will debut on Disney+.

A host of new shows from the Star Wars universe is coming up on the streaming service, and some of them will have an interlinked storyline. These shows will need a joint villain and Thrawn could be the one to connect them.

Twitterverse has been abuzz with rumors that Robert Downey Jr. is in the talks to play the villain. Of course, it is all speculation at the moment and there has been no official confirmation or even a hint that the Iron Man-star is being considered for the role.  

What do you think? Would Robert Downey Jr. be a good Thrawn?

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