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GATE Season 3: Release Info, Rumors, Updates

GATE is an anime where mystical creatures from another world enter our own with malicious intent.

They wreak havoc on earth, and the only chance of survival lies in the hands of an otaku soldier and his friends. Never underestimate the power of otakus!

GATE is a fantasy series based on a light novel written by Takumi Yanai and illustrated by Daisuke Izuka. The anime was produced by A-1 Pictures and streamed online on Crunchyroll.

The series was well-received by fans due to its reverse-isekai plot and a relatable protagonist.

GATE ended its production in 2016 with Season 2 with no information about its renewal, but fans haven’t stopped hoping as the original light novel still hasn’t been completed adapted.

1. Release Date

The announcement for season 3 is yet to be made. However, we can expect an announcement to be made by the fall of 2021 or early 2022 for GATE season 3.

There are some rumors about the VFX team behind season 1 and 2 getting hired again, but these are not confirmed.

GATE Season 3 Updates
Gate | Source: Crunchyroll

The Pandemic has also slowed down the entire world, so even if GATE season 3 is in production, there will be an indefinite delay.

2. What To Expect From Season 3

Season 1 and season 2 of GATE adapted 5 volumes of the original light novel. There are 5 other volumes left to be adapted and a sequel: GATE: Weigh Anchor.

Season 2 ends with the coronation of Princess Pina Co Lada and Prince Zorzal vowing vengeance against Japan for this. Season 3 will adapt the side stories from the next five volumes, leading to the stage of Weigh Anchor.

Gate Complete Series - Trailer Official
Gate Complete Series – Official Trailer

Since the prior seasons had 12 episodes each, there is a high chance that season 3 will also have 12 episodes. However, if the anime adapts the remaining half of the novel and the sequel, we can expect it to have 24 episodes.

3. Where To Watch Gate

Watch GATE on:

4. About GATE

GATE follows the story of Youji Itami, an off-duty JSDF (Japan Self Defence Forces) officer, who was on his way to an otaku event in Ginza, Tokyo, when the city is suddenly attacked by an army of supernatural creatures in medieval attire.

The source of these supernatural beings is a mysterious gate that opens up in the city’s middle. He saves as many civilians as he could, but the city is left shattered after the attack.

Three months after the accident, Itami is assigned as the leader of a task force.

The mission of the force is to venture into the mysterious land through the gate in order to gather more information about the strange land and hopefully save the world from a devastating future.

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