Naoko Yamada’s Anime Film on Music ‘Garden of Remembrance’ Debuts in 2023

Director Naoko Yamada came up with the idea of an anime centered on music. Obviously, it’s not a new concept, but Naoko’s vision is what made Garden of Remembrance the highlight at Annecy this year.

Annecy International Animation Film Festival is known as the most prestigious event for animated films. Naoko gave the attendees a glimpse of her upcoming project at the festival’s Work In Progress (WIP) segment.

Science SARU and Naoko Yamada have announced that their short anime film Garden of Remembrance will premiere in 2023. A visual featuring a hand painting of three anemone flowers was unveiled for the announcement.

Yamada pitched the idea to Science SARU’s co-founder and producer, Eunyoung Choi, who got really interested in creating something different with anime and music.

They appointed mangaka Etsuko Mizusawa to design the anime’s original characters. Mizusawa is also the creator of the manga Hello, this is Terumi.

According to Yamada, the characters drawn by Mizusawa feel so real, like living creatures that ‘you feel like you can smell the drool from them napping and sink into their cuteness.’ She also requested Mizusawa to draw them in a ‘chubby’ manner.

Since it is all about music, Yamada got the singer-songwriter Lovely Summer-chan to compose the songs and tunes based on the poetry in the anime. The director even called the singer an ‘invincible girl.’

Moreover, director Yamada paints the anime’s theme as, ‘Someone is thinking of someone, where is the heart’s destination.’ Choi and Yamada came up with all the keywords, concepts, and content for the film and compiled them into a single poem.

If you’re a poetry fanatic looking for some fine abstract work that will soothe your soul, then the Garden of Remembrance is the one to go.

I can assure you that the movie will make you feel all the emotions that exist in a few minutes.

About Garden of Remembrance

Garden of Remembrance is an upcoming short anime film by Naoko Yamada and Science SARU. It is produced by Eunyoung Choi with Etsuko Mizusawa drawing the original characters and Lovely Summer-chan composing the music.

The film is based on music and poetry. Yamada describes it as, ‘Someone is thinking of someone, where is the heart’s destination.’

Source: Avex Pictures’ Official Twitter Account


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