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Galactus And Doctor Doom Said To Be The MCU’s Next Big Bad Guys

After the SDCC 2019 and Disney D-23 Expo, Marvel may have revealed everything about the upcoming Phase four and even dropped some hints about Phase 5. Still, there is a lot unknown about the characters appearing and kudos to Marvel maintaining secrecy in this social media driven world. In the Infinity Saga, the role of Thanos was revealed very much later and him being the ultimate enemy was in the shadows until Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame.


Now it seems that Disney wants to use different paths for villains by giving them standalone movies. 

In phase four and five, both Galactus and Doctor Doom are so far, the leading choices for villains. According to rumours, Galactus will be a Cosmic level threat and Doctor Doom an Earth-level threat. This time Marvel may take a different approach by introducing the villains via standalone movies or Disney+ series.

It is noteworthy that both villains are closely connected to Marvel’s First Family, the Fantastic Four. The Fantastic Four are eventually going to make their way into Marvel Cinematic Universe. This would allow Kevin Feige to introduce the new villains accurately with a good background story, which Thanos lacked at many levels despite being one of the most well developed villains in recent times.

After the Sony-Disney fallout, and Norman Osborn not being a part of the MCU anymore, Doctor Doom will be the nemesis. Galactus could quickly become a part of the MCU via a cosmic threat to characters like Thor, Guardians of Galaxy or the new team, the Eternals.

While it sounds impressive that Marvel is considering two villains, it will be challenging to handle this wide range of characters. But there is no doubt that after the departure of Thanos, we are getting some classic original villains back in the MCU.

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