Journey to NEOM: ‘Future Folktales’ Anime Renewed for a Second Season!

‘Future Folktales’ Returns for a Second Season! NEOM, the futuristic city in Saudi Arabia, is abuzz with excitement as Manga Productions and Toei Animation announce the highly anticipated second season of ‘Future Folktales.’ 

Following the success of its first season, which captivated audiences worldwide with its enchanting tales and rich cultural tapestry, the new season promises even more adventure and magic. Join us as we delve into the mystical world of ‘Future Folktales’ and discover the wonders that await in this captivating animated series.”

Manga Productions’ booth at AnimeJapan 2024 announced the upcoming broadcast of “Future Folktales 2,” the second season of the collaborative project with Toei Animation, “Future Folktales” (Asatir: Mirai no Mukashibanashi or Asateer — Future’s Folktales). The new season is scheduled to air in Japan in 2024, marking another collaboration between Manga Productions and Toei Animation.

In 2020, Manga Productions revealed a partnership with NEOM for the creation of the second season. The inaugural season of the show was streamed and broadcasted on 19 regional and international platforms, garnering a global audience of 70 million viewers. The upcoming season will be set in NEOM, a futuristic smart city under development in Saudi Arabia.

HIDIVE streamed the first season of the series in North America, while Sentai Filmworks acquired the license for home video distribution. The show debuted on J Tele in Japan in April 2020, consisting of 13 episodes. Set in Riyadh in 2050, the series revolves around a grandmother named Asmaa who narrates Arabian Peninsula folktales to her three grandchildren.

The cast includes:

  • Masako Nozawa as Asmaa
  • Naomi Ōzora as Maha
  • Sachiko Kojima as Rayan
  • Megumi Urawa as Sultan

It’s an amazing anime that focuses on the various cultural aspects of Arabia and if you are a person who is keen on learning about new things, you need to watch Future Folktales.

About Future Folktales

Asateer – Future’s Folktales is a Saudi Arabian–Japanese animated series co-produced by Manga Productions and Toei Animation.

The first season is set in Riyadh in the year 2050, revolving around an old woman named Asmaa who narrates folktales from the Arabian Peninsula to her three grandchildren. The second season will be set in Neom.

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