Funimation Streams Obey Me! Anime About the Otome Game’s Demon Brothers

Otome games are made to focus on the player with little to no regard for other characters. But people can’t help simping over those side characters, and Obey Me! is a show made just for them.

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These games are traditionally targeted towards the female audience but Obey Me! decided to separate itself from the crowd. The anime adaptation will focus on the devil- themed otome game’s Demon Brothers instead. 

Funimation will start streaming the Obey Me! anime on their website from July 16th, 2021.

Obey Me! The Anime Teaser
Obey Me! The Anime Teaser

The short introductory teaser features the handsome devils (quite literally) along with some additional information about the show.

The anime is supposed to be a collection of various shorts which will portray the Demon Brothers’ daily life. There is no specific plot like the game, but it is a great spin-off for the fans.

Funimation Streams Obey Me! Anime About the Otome Game’s Demon Brothers
Obey Me | Source: Crunchyroll

Along with this, the cast for the show was also revealed. You can check them out right here, and maybe you’ll find some of your favorites!

LuciferKazuya Yamashita 
MammonHirotaka Kobayashi
LeviathanSatoshi Kada
SatanShinya Sumi 
AsmodeusMiura Ayme 
BeelzebubKyōhei Yaguchi
BelphegorSatoshi Ōnishi

The whole cast is making their voice acting debut with this show!

All the demons in the show and the game have peculiar personalities, each significantly different from the other. However, you’ll be surprised how amazing they all are despite that.

Not to sound too dramatic, but this is a blessing bestowed upon us. 

About Obey Me!

“Obey Me! One Master to Rule Them All” is a romance simulation and RPG card mobile game produced by NTT Solmare Corp.

The otome game centers on a human who is selected to become an exchange student at RAD, a school for demons. Awaiting the protagonist are seven demon brothers each with a unique personality.

This anime depicts the lively everyday lives of the demon brothers through special episodes separate from the game’s main story (Lessons).

Source: Funimation


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