Foundation Season 1 Episode 6: Release Date, Recap and Speculation!

We get a glimpse into Gaal’s past and how she came to choose science over faith. When Gaal wakes up in a pod after nearly 34 years, she uses Raych’s knife to get out of it. The knife is a key of some kind, letting Gaal access parts of the ship that were earlier accessed by Raych.

Gaal is completely devastated when she finds out that Raych was executed. We bring you the latest updates!

Foundation Season 1 Episode 6 Speculation

Towards the end of the episode, we see Gaal discover blood on the floor and then a seemingly alive Hari? This hologram of him might help Gaal actually connect with Hari’s consciousness and reveal the truth about his death.

Will Gaal be able to gain complete control of the ship? Find out in the next episode!

Foundation — Official Trailer | Apple TV+
Foundation Official Trailer

Foundation Season 1 Episode 6 Release Date

Foundation Season 1 Episode 6 will be released on 22nd October, 2021 on Apple TV. No delays have been announced yet.

Is the series on break?

No, the series is not on break and will continue as scheduled.

Foundation Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

The episode begins with a glimpse into Gaal’s past on Synnax, where the pursuit of knowledge is considered heresy. She is part of an execution of a teacher, who was caught trying to recover books from a condemned University.

Foundation Season 1 Episode 6: Release Date, Recap and Speculation!
Salvor and Hugo

She starts to question the ways of the church and recovers the books and starts to learn from them. She uses this knowledge to solve the abraxas conjecture. This leads to her going to Trantor to meet Hari Seldon.

In the present day, she awakens on a fully automated ship after nearly 34 years of cryosleep. She can’t access all the functions on the ship, but she is able to access the imperial database. She looks into Hari’s death and it says that Raych is executed for being the murderer and she is listed as an accomplice.

She realises the ship is heading towards Helicon, Hari’s home planet and comes across a seemingly alive Hari.

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About Foundation

Apple TV’s sci-fi epic Foundation from showrunner David S. Goyer and Skydance Television is based on author Isaac Asimov’s trilogy of novels. It stars Jared Harris and Lee Pace alongside newcomers Lou Llobell and Leah Harvey.

The show was renewed for a second season before the first season completed airing. The show premiered on Apple TV on September 24.

It chronicles the stories of four crucial individuals transcending space and time as they overcome deadly crises, shifting loyalties and complicated relationships that will ultimately determine the fate of humanity.

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