Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 teaser bears ties to Ancient Greek mythology


  • Developers Epic Games have revealed the teaser for Chapter 5, Season 2 of Fortnite, set for release on March 8th.
  • The teaser depicts Zeus wielding a constellation shaped like a thunderbolt, hinting at Greek Mythology.
  • This is after months of buildup showing Pandora’s box in-game, corroborating with the theory of the upcoming season being based on Greek mythology.

Fortnite’s Chapter 5 Season 1 launched on December 3rd, 2023, and as per the usual three-month cycle, it was about time that the next season came soon.

Now, developers Epic Games have released a teaser showing the Greek God Zeus throwing a constellation that looks like a thunderbolt, the teaser for Chapter 5, Season 2.

It is anticipated that Season 2 of Fortnite will rely heavily on the storyline and plot, something Fortnite has lacked for a while. The absence of storyline and plot is attributed to the overused spy theme of Fortnite. 

Zeus’s appearance in the teaser corroborates months of speculation that the upcoming season would be tied to ancient Greek mythology in some form or other.

The first hint was in the form of the cracks on the ground near the Ruined Reels. Eventually, the developers filled it up, leading to the Titan Hand event on March 2nd.

During this event, a giant hand rose out of the ground, holding Pandora’s Box wrapped in chains. The community united to break the chains and got a closer peek at the box with mysterious drawings. 

An interesting fact to note is that the constellation in the shape of a lightning bolt was seen on Pandora’s Box as well. Players speculate that Zeus might be available as a skin in the upcoming Battle Pass.

Several other constellations were also spotted in the Pandora’s Box. It is plausible that they represent powerful weapons from the Ancient Greek myths as it’s a prevalent Fortnite thing to have their Mythic rare weapon every season.

The Greek mythology specialists in the community have suggested that the Mythic weapons may be related in some form to the weapons wielded by the 12 Olympian Gods. With Season 2 launching on March 8th, fans will soon find out what lies in store in the Season ahead.

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