Fortnite releases limited-time Ramadan Special Middle-East inspired skins


  • Developers Epic Games have announced the latest and third edition of their Ramadan Specific Lantern Fest Oasis.
  • A unique feature of this year’s Lantern Fest is that the skins being offered are inspired by Middle-Eastern culture.
  • This big move was initiated by former Epic Games employee Islam Ibrahim, who found the Middle-Eastern community underrepresented.

The holy month of Ramadan has started, and in quite a rare move, Fortnite is offering unique cosmetics inspired by Ramadan.

Fortnite is offering Radiant Moon cosmetics, which will be available sometime during the event at the Lanter Fest Oasis, a Fortnite Creative Island. The Radian Moon cosmetic set includes Anwar and Noorah skins, Lunar Lantern, and Moonlit Blades back sling. These cosmetics go live on March 10th at noon ET and will be available until April 10th at noon ET.

These cosmetics will be available for purchase using the in-game V-bucks currency. However, it’s the first time Fortnite has represented Middle Eastern culture.

At the helm of this change is former Epic Games employee Islam Ibrahim. It must be kept in mind that the Lantern Fest Oasis is currently in its third year.

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However, despite focusing on Islamic costumes featuring full hoods or masks, a Middle Eastern representation was long overdue as the Islamic community is majorly underrepresented in skins, be it any title.

Ibrahim revealed that the Lantern Fest skins were the last things they worked on before leaving Epic. The path was not easy, as they mentioned that it took “years of convincing” for Middle-Eastern-inspired outfits to come as a part of the Ramadan event.

Ibrahim mentioned introducing the Ramadan events three years back was his “brainchild.” After leaving Epic, Ibrahim is currently the senior marketing manager at AIC for Nintendo.

This is a big move for a large community under-represented at every turn in the pop culture and gaming world. Ibrahim, at the center of it, deserves a lot of praise for bringing about change and making it happen.

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