Flock Together Research Day PvP Guide – Bonuses, Wild Spawns & More in Pokemon Go

Flock Together Research Day is the second Research Day event in the World of Wonders season. The theme revolves around Flying-type Pocket Monsters, hence the name. Here’s everything you need to know about Flock Together!

Flock Together Research Day will be held for three hours on May 11th  i.e. from 2:00 PM local time until 5:00 PM. All featured Pocket Monsters and wild spawns will be Flying-type. Mega-Evolve a Flying-type Pokemon in advance to rack up extra rewards.


  • Event themed field research tasks will be available during the span of the event. Upon completion of a task, you will come across a Flying-type Pocket Monster.
  • A select Flying-type Pokemon will be shiny more than usual so use this opportunity to evolve.
  • There will be an abundance of Flying-type Pokemons in the wild.
  • Event-exclusive Timed Research will be available in the game shop.

Wild Spawns

The best wild spawns you will encounter in Flock Together Research Day are:

  • Pidgey: Its final evolution form is Pidgeot. In a PvPoke situation, the Pocket Monster usually emerges victorious. Your deciding move in a fight can be the Brave Bird or Feather Dance.
Pidgey | Source: Fandom
  • Wingull: It evolves into Pelipper which has some spectacular skills. The Nuke attack can land near-fatal damage when unshielded.
Wingull | Source: Fandom
  • Fletchling: There are two forms which might be useful to you– Fletchinder (middle) and Talonflame (final). The latter’s iconic move Incinerate is a slow 5-turn fast move which inflicts serious damage.
Fletchling | Source: Fandom

Research Spawns

Keep an eye out for these Pokemons during the Flock Together Research Day:

  • Doduo: 

Max CP: 1357 

Attack: 158

Defense: 83

Stamina: 111

  • Hoothoot: 

Max CP: 766

Attack: 67

Defense: 88

Stamina: 155

  • Spearow: 

Max CP: 902

Attack: 112

Defense: 60

Stamina: 120

  • Tailow: 

Max CP: 865

Attack: 106

Defense: 61

Stamina: 120

  • Rufflet: 

Max CP: 1686

Attack: 150

Defense: 97

Stamina: 172

Timed Research

You can purchase the event-themed Timed Research at the Pokemon GO in-game shop. It costs $1.00 USD and will be available until the event lasts. 

With Timed Research, different Timed Research tasks will be accessible. You have to complete several Field Research tasks. Completing these tasks will give you an extra encounter with a Research spawn. The tasks associated with Timed Research must be completed and their rewards must be claimed before May 11, 5:00 p.m. (local time).

Diancie Limited-Time Special Research in Pokemon GO : Tasks and Rewards
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