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Fire Force Season 3: Release Info, Rumors, Updates

Fire Force, an anime flaming with incandescent action and racy fan-service, has starved fans for a third season just after season 2 ended on 12th December 2020.

There are chances that season 3 might be the final season, and hence, the hype surrounding it is even more enormous! Although the studio in question (David Productions) hasn’t renewed the anime for season 3, the odds favor a new season.

Fire Force is set in the year 198 of the Solar Era in Tokyo. Spontaneous Human Combustion has divided humans into 2 categories: The Infernals and the Pyrokinetics.

Basically, the Infernals are ordinary humans who randomly combust and turn violent, while the latter are capable of controlling their fire abilities. The series revolves around a special team (called the Fire Force) whose duty is to stop the Infernals from wreaking havoc.

If this anime ignites your curiosity and you’re enjoying all the fire puns, check out the first and second seasons before season 3 is announced!

1. Release Date

Season 3 of Fire Force is yet to receive an official announcement about its release, but we can expect it to air by the fall of 2021.

Fire Force Season 3: Release Info
Fire Force | Source: Fandom

Season 1 and 2 of the anime were released in consecutive years so, it is highly probable that season 3 might also release in 2021.

Mangaka Atsushi Ōkubo, the Fire Force manga creator, has considered making volume 30 that comes out in January next year, the final volume so, if that happens, we can expect season 3 to be the finale as well. However, this is not confirmed.

2. What To Expect From Season 3

Fire Force Season 2 ended at volume 18, chapter 158. Season 3 will continue from chapter 159 of the manga.

By the end of season 2, the Fire Force units formed an alliance against the Evangelist.

Fire Force Season 3: Release Info
Fire Force | Source: Fandom

The alliance could lead to a face with the Knights of the Ashen Flame or crumble due to the White Clads’ strategy. Company 8 would also be acquitted of the crimes that they’re accused of. 

3. Watch Fire Force on

Watch Fire Force on:

4. About Fire Force

In a world combating the Spontaneous Human Combustion phenomenon, there emerges the Fire Force company to protect its people and guide the lost ones. This phenomenon causes people to combust in flames and become a creature of fire called Infernals.

As evolution kicks in, humanity sees the growth of Second and Third Generation pyrokinetic users who help protect the world as they know it.

The anime follows Shinra Kusakabe, nicknamed the ‘Devil’s Footprints,’ who is haunted by his past – a tragic fire that kills his mother and brother.

Shinra joins Company 8 of the Fire Force in hopes of unlocking its mystery and, in turn, gets involved in deconstructing the grand conspiracy of his world.

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