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Fire Force Season 2: Drops New Trailer and OP by KANA-BOON

Fire Force Season 2 began with an intense story and great animation to boot. Everything that fans loved about Fire Force is seen in full display during its latest season.

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Through its official Twitter account, the Fire Force franchise has released a promotional video for Fire Force Season 2’s second cour, which contains a sneak peek of the new opening theme “Torch of Liberty” by KANA-BOON.

The announcement also states that the second cour of season two will continue the three-way battle between ‘Special Fire Force Company 8’, ‘Haijima Industries’, and ‘White-Clad.’

🔥 #Fire Force 2nd Chapter 2 Cool PV release 🔥

The three-way battle between “Special Fire Force Company 8”, “Aijima Heavy Industries”, and “White Costume” begins! ️

What awaits the end of the battle! ??

Please take a look at this PV, which will be the first release of the ban on the OP theme song KANA-BOON “Torch of Liberty” for the 2nd Cool!

📺 YouTube

English Translation, Twitter Translate
TVアニメ『炎炎ノ消防隊 弐ノ章』第2クールPV|毎週金曜 25:55より好評放送中
Fire Force Season 2 Trailer

The 70-second trailer previews the upcoming arc of the ‘Grim Reaper of Haijima,’ which also forms the twelfth arc in the Fire Force manga.

The PV shows the mysterious Haijima Industries and their questionable activities, and Company 8 uncovering the dark secrets behind the spontaneous combustion.

The new trailer highlights the rise of Nataku, who was initially turned into a Third Generation as a child by Rekka, after being subjected to a bug bite, as seen in the first season.

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The White-Clad seem to continue their search for the pillars to attain their ultimate goal of re-creating the Great Cataclysm.

The second cour will also focus on Shinra and the others investigating this wicked company, leading to the most intense conflict to come in the series as of yet.

The video also introduces the new opening theme song ‘Torch of Liberty’ by KANA-BOON.

Fire Force Season 2: Drops New Trailer
Shinra Kusakabe | Source: Fandom

The new OP is a fresh and upbeat track that creates excitement and forms the perfect musical accompaniment to the action-filled dark fantasy series.

It was also announced through the promotional video that PELICAN FANCLUB would be in charge of the next ending song of the series, titled ‘Desire.’

The latest episode reveals Benimaru’s leads during his investigation of the Holy Sol Temple.

Based on this, we can speculate that the upcoming arc will make Haijima Industries the target of the group’s subsequent investigation based on its potential link to the Evangelist.

About Fire Force

Fire Force, also known as En’en no Shōbōtai, literally meaning “Blazing Firefighting Corps,” is a Japanese shōnen manga series written and illustrated by Atsushi Ōkubo.

It is published by Kodansha and has been serialized in the Weekly Shōnen Magazine since September 2015, with the chapters collected into twenty-three tankōbon volumes as of May 2020.

An anime television series adaptation by David Production aired from July to December 2019 on the Super Animeism block.

The second season of the Fire Force anime television series is also animated by David Production.

Tatsumi Minakawa replaced Yuki Yase to be the director of the series. The series premiered on July 3, 2020.

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