Finding Copper in Enshrouded – What are the best Copper crafting recipes?

Copper is a mineable resource that can be used for multiple purposes such as crafting powerful weapons, armor, shields and gear in Enshrouded. It will also help you upgrade your Flame Altar to Level 4 as well as make Copper Bars. This versatile resource can be found in one region.

You’ll be using your trusty pickaxe to harvest this resource. The better the pickaxe, the faster the harvest. To avoid losing your way from the correct path, here’s where you can find Copper in Enshrouded:

1. How to get Copper in Enshrouded?

How to get Copper in Enshrouded? - Best Crafting Recipes
Revelwood Ancient Spire Fast-Travel Location

Copper can be found in Revelwood which is located to the north of Springlands in Enshrouded. The North of the Carpentry Camp in Diadwyn and The Mark of Sameth Mine are two of the best places with an abundance of Copper. These locations are accessible from the Revelwood Ancient Spire.

How to get Copper in Enshrouded? - Best Crafting Recipes
Gliding From the Top of the Ancient Spire

Use fast-travel to reach the Ancient Spire on the northwest of the map then glide down from the top of it. Be aware that you’ll require a Flame Level of at least three to reach that part of the map to avoid deadly red shrouds in the canyon between Revelwood and Springlands.

How to get Copper in Enshrouded? - Best Crafting Recipes
Copper Location

Explore the area around the Revelwood Ancient Spire to find copper veins. Copper can be found in a state of a solid rock formation, or on stone walls that you need to harvest. They appear dark orange, similar to how clay looks.

How to get Copper in Enshrouded? - Best Crafting Recipes
Harvesting Copper with a Pickaxe

Copper ore can be harvested through the use of a pickaxe. You start with a scrappy pickaxe, which is more than enough to harvest a good chunk of copper. However, if you want to save time on harvesting, upgrade your pickaxe.

2. How to make Copper Bars?

Copper Bars can be made with a Smelter, 20 Charcoal, and 20 Copper Ore. To craft a Smelter, 50 Fired Bricks along with a Crucible is required. Fired Bricks can be made by placing down a Kiln and then putting in Wood Logs with lumps of Clay. The Crucible appears in the Mark of Sameth POI.

How to get Copper in Enshrouded? - Best Crafting Recipes
Mark of Sameth POI

The Mark of Sameth point of interest is located to the west of the Revelwood Ancient Spire fast-travel point. After travelling to this area, make your way through it then furthermore into a cave to find the Crucible.

How to get Copper in Enshrouded? - Best Crafting Recipes
The Crucible

Copper Ore, as mentioned above, can be found around the Ancient Spire at Revelwood and as well as at the Mark of Sameth location, where copper deposits are formed. Come back to the Blacksmith after collecting 20 Charcoal and 20 Copper Ore pieces to create 10 Copper Bars. This process will take just five minutes to complete.

3. Best Copper Crafting Recipes

How to get Copper in Enshrouded? - Best Crafting Recipes
Copper Bar

Considering that Copper is one of the most useful resources in Enshrouded, you’ll do yourself well to stock up on it. Here’s a list of the best copper crafting recipes:

  • Reach Flame Level 4: Copper ore x15.
  • Copper Bar (50): Copper ore x20.
  • Alchemy Station: Copper bar x5.
  • Black Cauldron: Copper bar x2. 
  • Copper Axe: Copper bar x4.
  • Copper Pickaxe: Copper bar x8.
  • Enhanced Spiked Club: Copper bar x5.
  • Hero’s Shield: Copper bar x5.
  • Adventurer Armour: Copper bar x8.
  • Tank Armour: Copper bar x14. 
  • Copper Arrow: Copper bar x2. 
  • Copper Block: Copper bar x1.
  • Grappling Hook Pull and Swing Anchors: Copper bar x1.

That’s all you need to know about obtaining Copper and its crafting purposes in Enshrouded.

About Enshrouded

Enshrouded is a survival action role-playing video game by Keen Games. It supports up to 16 players at once. The game’s world is set in Embervale, an open world which can be freely explored by players.

It was launched via early access on 24 January 2024 for Windows PC. The game is set to be released in late 2024 for Windows PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X and Series S.



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