Final Fantasy 14 Growing Light Part 2 is the next major update before Dawntrail


  • Final Fantasy 14 Growing Light Part 2 will be released on January 16th.
  • It is the next major content update before Dawntrail releases in summer later this year.
  • The upcoming Patch 6.55 will conclude side storylines and Main Scenario bridge.


Final Fantasy 14 released Growing Light Part 1 or Patch 6.5 back in October last year. It was the final update for Endwalker which closed up Void and Myths of the Realm. With the new year, we have another major update lined up for Final Fantasy 14.

Final Fantasy 14 will be releasing the next major content called Growing Light Part 2 on January 16th. It will conclude some minor storylines and the Main Scenario bridge before Dawntrail begins. 

The upcoming Patch 6.55 will continue the Main Scenario, introducing Wuk Lamat. Another playable female, Hrothgar will be added in Dawntrail who will have a rather important role in the future. 

Dawntrail is the next major expansion in Final Fantasy 14 which will be released by the end of summer. It will introduce Pictomancer and Viper jobs, new zones, dungeons, raids and many more exciting features. 


One of the most awaited developments in Dawntrail is the massive graphics overhaul. At the recent Fan Festival held in Japan, the developers gave fans a demo of the character models for every playable race in Final Fantasy 14. The demo featured a before and an after picture for comparison. 


caption: Final Fantasy 14 Character Model 

source: Reddit ]

Here are the graphics updates for Final Fantasy 14:

  • Better shadows and textures to make hair and fur look dynamic and real.
  • Shading, shaping, and light reflection on eyes that look more natural, removing the “soulless” gaze some races had.
  • Lighting updates that make darker skin tones look more realistic in all lighting, and not just flat color.
  • Fidelity updates to some clothing and equipment, including each race’s starting gear.

Players can look forward to the Final Fantasy 16 crossover launching in April. There are several events lined up for Valentine’s Day, Little Ladies’ Day, and Hatching-Tide in the next few months. Final Fantasy 14 will also be releasing for Xbox very soon with the open beta beginning from February 21st. Hopefully, it will be available on Xbox by spring, in time for Dawntrail.

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