Fan-made Starfield Character builder allows players to test builds

Bethesda is gearing up for the launch of Starfield – a first-person RPG set across a sprawling galaxy designed very carefully with an opportunity to explore thousands of planets.

A fan-made Starfield character builder and planner has been spotted online that allows players to check out the various stats and choose the best path for the players ahead of the full official release on September 6th.

While it’s not the most accurate representation of what Starfield will bring, it will give players a fair idea of what is coming.

Those who have ordered the Premium or Constellation Edition of Starfield will get early access to the title on September 1st. The standard edition retails at USD 70, the Premium at USD 100, and the Constellation Edition at USD 250.

Bethesda was kind enough to allow players to switch to the Premium Edition for USD 35 if they have purchased the Standard Edition. Starfield will also be an Xbox exclusive, available on Xbox Game Pass.

Fan-made Starfield Character builder allows players to test builds
The fan-made Character Build Planner and Calculator
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The character builder has been designed meticulously with bits and pieces of lore from the Starfield universe to make it feel close to an official character builder.

The character customization page offers twenty base classes to choose from, in addition to a “clean-slate” option. Players can also add specific skills to their physical, social, combat, science, and tech attributes.

Players can also choose up to 3 traits, including Spaced, Extrovert, Alien DNA, Terra Firma, Introvert, Dream Home, Empath, Hero Worshipped, Kid Stuff, Taskmaster, and Wanted, amongst many others. Each trait has its own backstory and characteristic features.

Various skills and stats are expected to be updated when the title is released. However, it’s a good starting point to begin being a space voyager, a samurai, or any of the many classes Starfield offers.

Quite a few classes are being offered, like the Space Samurai class known as the Ronin, Beast Hunter, Bounty Hunter, Combat Medic, Cyber Runner, Gangster, Pilgrim, and Chef.

The character builder also means that Starfield will be a galactic game. Many permutations are possible from all the available choices, which will ensure that players can genuinely have a character of their own choosing instead of a pre-defined template.

About Starfield

Starfield is a space exploration game developed by the popular video game company, Bethesda. The game’s teaser launched in 2018, while the gameplay trailer came out in 2022.

Starfield will take players to the deepest depth of space. Being a Sci-Fi game, one can expect it to be brimming with stupendous weapons and supersonic spacecraft while offering a magical tone that is enough to get lost in.

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