Fall Anime Movie, The Deer King’s, Trailer Weaves a Tale of Interconnected Suffering

The Deer King anime film promises a narrative of individuals who had to fight against a cruel fate. A single chain of events connects all the characters in the story.

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The new trailer and visual for the upcoming movie have invigorated the interconnected tale even more.

Van is an escaped prisoner who needs to save himself, yet he tries to rescue an unknown girl, Yuna. Similarly, many other tales are born from the journey of Van and Yuna.

The Deer King: The Promised Journey with Yuna anime movie will premiere on 10th September 2021. The first trailer for the film has just been released.

映画『鹿の王 ユナと約束の旅』特報①【9月10日(金)公開】
Official Trailer of The Deer King

The trailer reveals Van and his encounter with Yuna after he managed to escape from his life as a salt mine slave. A strange pack of dog-like creatures attack the salt mine, and Van uses the chance to escape.

However, a mysterious illness starts spreading in the nearby areas ever since that day. Yuna is also kidnapped, and Van risks his life to find her.

A new visual where Yuna is clutching onto Van was also revealed.

The main cast members of the anime include:

CharacterCastOther Works
VanShinichi TsutsumiNorifumi Suzuki (Always: Sunset on Third Street)
HossalRyoma TakeuchiTim Goodman (Pokemon Detective Pikachu)
SaeAnne WatanabeO-Ei (Miss Hokusai)

The film was slated for a September 2020 premiere, but it was delayed due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Masashi Ando, the character designer and animation director of several Ghibli movies, is directing The Deer King anime film. It will be exciting to see how this film’s story and animation moves us with its fluidity and emotions.

About The Deer King

The Deer King anime film is adapted from the fantasy novel by the same name, written by Naoko Uehashi. Kadokawa originally published the series in two volumes in 2014 and then republished it in four reprinted volumes in 2017.

An anime film adaptation by Production I.G is scheduled to premiere on September 10, 2021.

Van, a lone survivor of a warrior faction, is enslaved at a salt mine. He manages to escape with a girl Yuna, while the place is under attack by dogs and disease. Dr. Hossal tries his best to cure the disease and other such stories of people and portrayed in an interconnected manner.

Source: TOHO website


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