Edens Zero Reveals Celestial Key Visual And New Cast For April Debut

Edens Zero is Hiro Mashima’s first venture into the science fiction genre. His past work, Fairy Tail, and Edens Zero are supposed to be different stories altogether.

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Yet, it makes us wonder why a familiar talking blue cat called Happy is traipsing around.

The familiar looking characters can be chalked up to Mashima’s characteristic art style that makes fans feel right at home with the new series. We cannot wait to find out more about the character’s comic journey from the anime.

The official website of the Edens Zero anime has revealed a new key visual. The anime will premiere on 10th April on the NTV channel.

Edens Zero Reveals Celestial Key Visual & New Cast for April Debut
Edens Zero | Source: Official Website

The visual shows Shiki Granbell, Rebecca, Happy, Homura, Elisa, Weisz, E.M. Pino and the Mother. The mother is an entity who is regarded as the Goddess of the Cosmos and she is larger than any planet.

Shiki will escape to a new adventure with Rebecca and Happy after leaving his home planet. With space pirates, cosmic entities and adventurers, this anime is ready to take us on another Fairy Tail-like journey.

Three new characters and their cast have been revealed for the anime:

CharactersCastOther Works
Weisz SteinerHiromichi TezukaSeiya Kori (Talentless Nana)
E.M. PinoShiori IzawaPina (Sword Art Online)
Homura KogetsuShiki AokiKaoru Tsutsui (Real Girl)

Comments from the main cast have arrived as well. Takuma Terashima (Shiki), had appeared as a jackal in the Fairy Tail anime where he remembers marvelling at Natsu. He honors that moment and wants to voice Shiki wholeheartedly.

Edens Zero Reveals Celestial Key Visual & New Cast for April Debut
Edens Zero | Source: Official Website

Mikako Komatsu (Rebecca) exclaims that she was moved by the words of the characters after she read the script. She hopes that the audience will look forward to the fun adventure of the three buddies.

Rie Kugimiya (Happy) is excited about the anime just like us. Neither she nor we can wait for it to release!

About Edens Zero

At the Granbell Kingdom, Shiki has lived his entire life among machines, in an abandoned amusement park. But one day, Rebecca and her cat companion Happy appear at the park’s front gates.

Little do they know that this is the first human contact Granbell has had in a hundred years!

As Shiki stumbles his way into making new friends, his former neighbors stir at an opportunity for a robot-rebellion.

When his old homeland becomes too dangerous, Shiki must join Rebecca and Happy on their spaceship and escape into the boundless cosmos.

Source: Official website of Edens Zero


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