Get EA Play For Free With Xbox Game Pass for PC

In a recent announcement, Microsoft has revealed that the EA Play subscription service will now be available for Game Pass users at no extra cost.

Microsoft, for the upcoming generation of gaming, seems more fired up than ever before!

Upon closer inspection of the announcements, reveals, and trailers shared to all of us, it becomes pretty clear that Microsoft Studios is now looking to spice things up quite a bit.

Their approach towards gaming has changed a lot in recent times.

It’s honestly a good thing considering the humiliating defeat at Sony’s hands, lack of games for their consoles, and extreme monetization policies that repelled developers in the 8th-Generation of gaming.

Now, they are looking to create what one can call an eco-system of video games, where accessibility will take the topmost priority.

Get EA Play with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate & Xbox Game Pass for PC this Holiday
Get EA Play with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate & Xbox Game Pass for PC

They are trying to create a scenario where PC and consoles, even the previous generation ones, will exist in a state of harmony.

That essentially means that any console-exclusive game will no longer have the tag of exclusivity to them, and they will also be released on PC.

Another thing that comes from this is the release of Xbox Game Pass on PC, a subscription service that allows users to play different games in a month.

It’s one of the best ways to play games on PC for cheap, and it is safe to say that it has proven itself to be quite the competitor to PC users’ one-stop gaming destination, Steam!

Now, Microsoft will expand the horizon (see what I did there?) of the Xbox Game Pass to an even greater extent!

I claim this because Microsoft is now partnering up with EA to merge their subscription services into one!

What does this mean?

Until now, EA’s subscription service, EA Play, previously known as EA Access and Origin Access, granted users access to their entire library of games.

For $5/ £4 per month, we get access to a library of 60 games from different franchises such as Star Wars, FIFA, Battlefield, Need for Speed, The Sims, and many more!

EA Play to Be Merged with XBox Game Pass for PC
EA Play

Now, granted that EA does not have the best reputation in the industry, but people who play their games utterly enjoy them.

Not to mention, the partnership with Xbox Game Pass now merges the game libraries, forming this one treasure chest of video games.

So, now PC players will have access to both sets of games from Xbox Game Pass and EA Play, all for the cost of one Game Pass!

While the exact date for the merge is yet to be announced, it is set to take place by Holiday 2020.

Never before have we witnessed such radical fundamental changes in the spectrum of gaming, especially from Microsoft.

For one, I cannot wait to see how Microsoft handles the next generation of gaming, and how Sony and Nintendo respond to it!

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