Dying Light 2 Update Implements NVIDIA DLSS 3 Upscaling Technology

Dying Light was first released in 2015, after which it soon became one of the best zombie games of the previous generation. Its success was so imminent that a sequel was bound to happen. Although Dying Light 2 did take a while to launch, it was well received by the gaming community.

The latest update for Dying Light 2: Stay Human implements support for NVIDIA DLSS upscaling technology and removes third-party Denuvo DRM software.

Dying Light 2 Update Implements NVIDIA DLSS 3 Upscaling Technology
Dying Light 2 Community Update #2

The patch notes for Community Update #2 (1.9.0) were posted on the official website for Dying Light. The PC version of Dying Light 2 now supports NVIDIA DLSS 3. This was bound to happen sooner or later since the upscaling tech has become an industry standard in AAA titles.

The most notable change will be the variable refresh rate or VRR monitor. Dying Light 2 has also cut ties with DRM. Any mention of the third-party software has also been dismissed from the game’s Steam page.

Here’s the complete patch notes for Dying Light 2!

1. Ragdolls physics and AI Reaction improvements

  • New ragdoll code that more realistically applies the forces of the hits
  • New ragdoll presets change the hit reactions of human-sized enemies
  • Changed a number of animation-based hit reactions to ragdolls
  • Changes to AI behavior around the ledges of buildings

2. Highlights

  • Players can now experience more immersive and frightening audio during the night chases
  • Cutscenes can be skipped by holding down the dedicated button.
  • Hazmat Biters won’t explode instantly when hit with a weapon using fire or electric mods
  • Players can now determine any amount of crafted items
  • Players can now instantly kill grabbing Biters with the Stab Skill upgrade
Dying Light 2 Update Implements NVIDIA DLSS 3 Upscaling Technology
Dying Light 2
  • Rare Trophies will now drop more often from Infected
  • Newly added apparel — Pilgrim Outfit — granted at the beginning of the game.
  • Ability to dodge when looking up
  • Improved world textures — selected floors, walls, and surfaces
  • Lowered Biter-grabbing frequency
  • New 1-handed axe animations

3. Co-op

  • Any player can now use the host’s Nightrunner Tools during a co-op session, regardless of personal progression in single player
  • Added respawn ability — spawns 45 seconds after death near another player
  • Markers of other players will display on the compass when at a distance greater than 50 meters
  • Markers of other players will appear in the environment when at a distance of less than 50 meters
  • Challenges should now end for all the players if one completes it
  • Ropes will look natural and not warped when swinging
  • Decreased neck sturdiness for lower-tier enemies — takedowns will work properly
  • Changed UI placement of the information about the party
  • Doors in X13 will open properly for the players in the co-op session
  • Fixed issue with players respawns in X13
  • Fixed immunity exploits after repeatedly healing.
  • Fixed jittering of the players’ model while in hiding/vents
  • Improved UI regarding players in need of a revive
  • The list of games found in the online menu will auto-refresh after a failed joining attempt
  • Fixed rare issue with flashlight remaining turned on during Aiden’s flashbacks
  • Fixed rare graphical issues with Military Containers opening and closing repeatedly
  • Fixed TPP animations issue for players using baseball bats
  • Bloody Ties —- fixed matchmaking issues despite owning said story DLC
  • Bloody Ties — fixed issue of music not playing for all players in Rush and Carnage challenges
  • Bloody Ties — players now don’t need to wait for other players in critical moments during timed sequences
  • Bloody Ties — player looks more natural when unlocking the safes
  • Bloody Ties — Rush challenges will end for everyone once the host finishes
  • Bloody Ties — objectives for Spectacles now update properly in UI for all players in co-op
  • Fixed TPP animation of attaching a power cable to the generator
  • Improved co-op widgets of other players — including status icons (poisoned, burned, etc.)
  • Player no longer loses the ability to attack from a turret after a triggered cutscene
  • Rope replaced with monkey bar to prevent players from falling to death and blocking the quest’s progress
  • Teleport to the host shortened from 10s to 3s
  • Increased bleeding-out time from 20s to 40s
  • The player healing his moving friend won’t get dragged down anymore
  • Veronika Quest — fixed issue of one invisible NPC for every player in the session
  • Fixed rare occurrences of the host’s difficulty reverting to Normal when other players would leave the game
  • When using the controller, reviving other players won’t unintentionally use up other consumables outside of the medkit selected in the item wheel

4. Gameplay

Dying Light 2 Update Implements NVIDIA DLSS 3 Upscaling Technology
Dying Light 2
  • Addressed the issue of players being unable to craft lockpicks despite the free space
  • Barb wires around Huntress camp will now inflict damage
  • Crossbow now has finite ammo in Harper’s Elite Mission
  • Kick attacks are now a little bit faster and more powerful
  • Hurting friendly NPCs won’t count anymore toward “the King of the Hill” goal

5. Technical

  • The game will no longer use 3rd-party DRM protection
  • PC only — Nvidia DLSS3 support. For the very best experience, you need a VRR monitor, and GPU scheduling turned on. There is a known issue where the in-game benchmark does not report the correct framerate when the DLSS Frame Generation is enabled. To see the correct framerate, please use industry-standard FPS reporting tools such as Frameview or CapframeX.
  • PC only — addressed the issue of the darker picture on certain configurations after one of the last patches
  • PC only — the Carnage Manica shield no longer displays twice when holding the scroll wheel on the mouse
  • PS5 only — Bloody Ties will now load properly when launched from the Resume Activity tab
  • “Heartbeat” sound won’t be audible anymore if the player muted all audio in the game’s settings
  • Increased variation of ferns models in the city
  • Background music for the “Cathedral” quest no longer audible everywhere upon tracking the quest
  • Fixed graphical issue of fog or smoke appearing underwater
  • Fixed graphical issues of buildings’ geometry showing dark gaps in the distance
  • Fixed issue with menu background shaking due to in-game explosions
  • Fixed rare instances of players falling through the elevator’s floor
  • Improved quality of VFX/particle effects
  • SFX are now audible for the weapon’s blast mod explosion
  • Improved shooting animation for crossbows
  • Fixed the issue of missing VO lines
  • Fixed lack of combat music while fighting in GRE Anomalies
  • Fixed rare instances of missing audio after previewing an outfit in the stash
  • Fixed TPP animations for blocking with Cranage Manica while holding 2h weapon
  • Fixes to distant NPCs occasionally stuck in their animation
  • Improved lightning consistency in the game
  • UV Flashlight — increased audio intensity when burning Biters
  • Furniture and other assets moved in a few locations to mitigate clipping anomalies
  • Increased rendering range for volumetric fog and lights
  • Higher resolution for the sky
  • Increased number of objects casting shadows
  • Enhanced transition for LOD of trees
  • General CPU, GPU, and DirectX 12 performance optimizations
  • Improvements to memory usage and performance in longer play sessions
  • PC only — the disappearance of the FSR 2.0 option on certain configurations has been addressed
  • Fixes to True Nightrunner Achievement completion.
  • Improved LODs on the Highway leading to X13

6. UI

Dying Light 2 Update Implements NVIDIA DLSS 3 Upscaling Technology
Dying Light 2
  • Added a quest marker for “Portrait of a Hangover”
  • Added an additional seventh health bar segment for healthy players with over 600 HP
  • Added a tooltip to the map icon for the vendor at Carnage Hall
  • Added a tooltip to the map icon for Severus at Carnage Hall
  • The camouflage icon won’t be replaced anymore by other status icons
  • Clarified quest objectives in “The Master”
  • Fast Travel hint will now be properly added to the Hints Menu
  • The order of icons for mod weapons is no longer different in different parts of UI
  • The “Quest Update” text overlapping the health bar is fixed
  • Improved loading times of Messages of the Day in the main menu
  • Players can now easily swap accessories and Nightrunner tools in the Quick Slot

Dying Light 2 is available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, and PS5.

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7. About Dying Light 2 Stay Human

Dying Light 2 Stay Human is a sequel to Techland’s 2015 open-world, zombie parkour action-adventure title Dying Light.

The game puts you in the shoes of Aiden Caldwell and is set 20 years after the first game’s events. You will be based in the City, located in Europe, and have free reign of the map and how you wish to traverse the area. Parkour will be your most used form of transport in the game, and the crafting system is also making a return.

There is also a decision system where your choices through the story affect the world around you. This could lead to more opportunities to earn resources, unlock shortcuts, and, most importantly, make the lives of those in the City more easy or difficult.

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