Dying Light 2 Dominates Steam Wishlists Ahead of Every Other Title

Dying Light 2 would be the first major video game releasing in 2022. A follow-up to the 2015 open-world, first-person zombie parkour game, Dying Light 2 throws you back into the world overrun by the virus, which turns people into flesh-craving shamblers by day, and bloodthirsty attack corpses by night.

The first installment impressed many people, so it was expected that quite a few would be eager for the sequel, but if the Steam wishlists are anything to go by, the game is more anticipated than many other big titles releasing this year.

Dying Light 2 currently sits at the top of Steam’s wishlists, leaving behind several high-profile games, including Elden Ring. The other top 5 in the list are Party Animals, Hollow Knight: Silksong, and the God of War PC port.

One may say that the reason Dying Light 2 is ahead of Elden Ring is because the former releases before the latter, but on the other hand, it has also beaten the God of War PC port, which will be out before all of these games, and Hollow Knight: Silksong that doesn’t even have a release date yet.

The sequel to Dying Light was first announced at E3 2018 as part of Microsoft’s press conference. Not much in the way of development updates were revealed, and some reports emerged that the game was suffering from some development issues. The game had been scheduled to launch by the end of 2021 but, like so many other games, was delayed to February 4.

The game has finally finished development, and the Techland team has been busy keeping the hype up by releasing tiny bits of information on what players can expect from the game. These teases include facts such as over 500 items players can equip and the Dying Light 2 skill tree.

We’re hoping Techland will release more teasers and trailers like this between now and the release date for Dying Light 2.

It seems Dying Light 2 is doing a good job of retaining all the things people liked about the first game and taking it to the next level while adding new mechanics and gameplay options. On paper, this sounds great, but it remains to be seen how it will function when the game is officially released.

About Dying Light 2 Stay Human

Dying Light 2 Stay Human is a sequel to Techland’s 2015 open-world, zombie parkour action-adventure title Dying Light.

The game puts you in the shoes of Aiden Caldwell and is set 20 years after the first game’s events. You will be based in the City, located in Europe, and have free reign of the map and how you wish to traverse the area. Parkour will be your most used form of transport in the game, and the crafting system is also making a return.

There is also a decision system where your choices through the story affect the world around you. This could lead to more opportunities to earn resources, unlock shortcuts, and, most importantly, make the lives of those in the City more easy or difficult.

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