Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson enters MCU as Black Adam

Dwayne Johnson says they will begin filming Black Adam in Summer 2020. DC has been planning a Black Adam movie since 2014. Now with the success of Shazam!, the development of the film is in motion. The synopsis of the movie is pretty unclear and the only hint of the character was the one from the tease in Shazam!. Earlier, Black Adam was going to appear in the Shazam!, but the director felt that he needs a film and story of his own.

Jaume Collet Serra, the man behind films like House of Wax and Orphan, is going to direct Black Adam. Serra wants the Black Adam movie to be the ‘Dirty Harry’ of Superhero Films.

Well, who is Black Adam?

Black Adam is the original champion of the wizards. Overcome by his desire and hunger for power, he was banished for eternity but escaped. Following his escape, Black Adam became the archnemesis of the superhero Shazam.

The powerset of Black Adam is similar to Shazam, the only difference being that Shazam derives his powers from Greek Gods while Black Adam from Egyptians. They are almost equally powerful, the latter being more experienced.

The two characters have already appeared in the animated short Superman/Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam.

Our look in the future:

Shazam and Black Adam will have a crossover in future DC film and their standalone movies are setting strong foundations for them. Black Adam himself is a very famous villain, being in Top 20 villains of all time. He has been through grief, lost his family and his backstory makes him the perfect choice for the next DC villain.

The Shazam movie itself was an improvement for DC live-action movies, and we hope that that streak continues. For now, we can expect a release date of Spring 2021 and maybe some significant updates about the movie soon.

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