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Dragon Ball Super Teases A New “Granola The Survivor” Arc

Akira Toriyama is giving us a special new year’s gift! Dragon Ball Super will begin with a new arc in 2021. The ongoing Moro arc will be wrapped up soon, but not entirely.

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Yes, you guessed it right! We are going to get an arc that is closely connected to the Moro saga.

Most of us don’t even remember the last time we got a connected arc in Dragon Ball. Fans are pleasantly surprised by this new announcement and what is yet to come.

V Jump released a new trailer recently for the upcoming Dragon Ball Super arc, named “Granola the Survivor.” We are hoping that the plot itself is a bit more creative than the name.

Dragon Ball Super: Granola The Survivor Arc Trailer - English Sub
Dragon Ball Super: Granola The Survivor Arc Trailer – English Sub

The video shows us glimpses of the upcoming arc. After Moro is defeated, everyone seems to be in a joyous mood, but it doesn’t last long. (When has it ever? Especially in Dragon Ball)

Yunba asks if someone’s death has been confirmed yet. He says, “You haven’t confirmed it, right?” Is he talking about the new character called Granola?

Another surprise is Seven-Three, whose severed head rolls around to stop in front of us, and it talks! Seven-Three is still alive!

The very next scene shows Granola, the mystery guy for now. Granola is supposedly one of the miscreants who escaped the Galactic Prison while Moro was going haywire.

With Yunba, Seven-Three, and this new character called Granola, fans are questioning the combination for the next arc. Who is this new evil? What does he seek? And most importantly, what color will Goku’s hair turn next?

Dragon Ball Super Teases A New Granola The Survivor Arc
Dragon Ball Super | Source: Fandom

The finale of the Moro saga hasn’t been published yet, so we will get some more information about the next arc from the final chapter.

About Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super came into serialization in June 2015, edited and illustrated by Akira Toriyama and his protege Toyotaru, respectively.

Dragon Ball Super takes the DB universe to another level by introducing the long asleep God of Destruction, Beerus.

Beerus initially decides to decimate Earth but postpones his plans when discovering the fantastic food he had never eaten and hopes to fight Super Saiyajin God one day.

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