Dragon Ball Super 67: New Arc!

Granola The Survivor Arc

By Epic Dope Staff | December 16, 2020

Akira Toriyama is giving us a special new year’s gift! Dragon Ball Super will begin with a new arc in 2021. The ongoing Moro arc will be wrapped up soon.

V Jump released a new trailer recently for the upcoming Dragon Ball Super arc, named “Granola the Survivor.”

The video shows us glimpses of the upcoming arc. After Moro is defeated, everyone seems to be in a joyous mood, but it doesn’t last long.

Another surprise is Seven-Three, whose severed head rolls around to stop in front of us, and it talks!

The very next scene shows Granola, the mystery guy, who is one of the miscreants who escaped the Galactic Prison while Moro was going haywire.