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Dragon Ball Super 76: Goku’s Dad Saves Him and Vegeta from Granolah

Chapter 76 of the Dragon Ball Super manga was going on its usual path, you know, with all the fighting and biting. A ghost from the past decided to show up and change this status quo.

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Okay, he doesn’t actually show up, but Bardock, Goku’s father, is once again mentioned in the Granolah saga.

Bardock was purely created by Toei Animation and did not have many parts in the manga. Yet, with the recent developments, he is often brought up in the ongoing arc.

When Granolah and Vegeta were busy fighting or bent on annihilating each other, Monaito appeared to solve their misunderstandings.

He arrived at the nick of time, as Granolah was seconds away from using a suicidal attack. Monaito claims that all Saiyans except one deserve Granolah’s anger.

Bardock served in Frieza’s army, but he was responsible for saving both Granolah and Monaito when disaster struck.

Dragon Ball Super 76: Goku’s Dad Saves Him and Vegeta from Granolah
Granolah, Golu & Vegeta | Source: Fandom

Even in Bardock: The Father of Goku anime special, he had opposed Frieza’s tyrannical ways and fought to save the innocents. Thus when planet Cereal was attacked, he had also tried to intervene there.

Monaito’s explanation might disarm Granolah enough to make him see reason and spare Goku, Bardock’s son, and Vegeta by extension. This might also help them team up against any evil forces that will attack next.

This brings us to the question, will Bardock return? Bardock is canonically dead, but with Dragon Ball, we never know who will be resurrected next.

At least Vegeta and Goku are saved for now, and we don’t have to see Vegeta biting others anymore. Now I hope Granolah listens to reason rather than deciding on a meat-headed path.

About Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super came into serialization in June 2015, edited and illustrated by Akira Toriyama and his protege Toyotaru, respectively.

Dragon Ball Super takes the DB universe to another level by introducing the long asleep God of Destruction, Beerus.

Beerus initially decided to decimate Earth but postpones his plans when discovering the fantastic food he had never eaten. He also hopes to fight Super Saiyajin God one day.

Source: DBS Chapter 76

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