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Dragon Ball Heroes New Opening Released

The Dragon Ball anime adaptation is on a break but the franchise as a whole doesn’t seem to be showing any sign of giving up. If you read the manga, you may know that Dragon Ball Super manga is hitting fans with non-stop thrills and the anime adaptation is trying hard to tag along with it.

Recently, a Twitter account hit fans with the next opening of Dragon Ball Heroes.

The first few scenes feature Vegeta who looks exhausted after the blue form. His uniform is badly torn thanks to facing the evil fusion – Kanioren. Later, Piccolo joins the fight in order to help Vegeta. Focus changes to Goku as he turns into Ultra Instinct form. It seems like Goku with his ultra instinct is a perfect match for both Hearts fierce aggression and giant fusion – Ultimate Kamioren. In the end, Goku transformed into Super Saiyan 4 in order to win this earth-shaking battle. But, the pink-haired, evil,  Black Goku launches an attack and the Broly Dark makes an amazing comeback.

The next episode of Dragon Ball heroes is highly anticipated. Besides this, fans like me are eager to watch this episode (number 15) which according to schedule, is going to release in September although no official date has been announced.

Dragon Ball Heroes episode 14 was better than the previous one and hopefully, 15 will be even better than that.  We saw Goku with other z-fighters, engaged in battle with enemies of Universe 10. Kamioren demands more power and Hearts helps by using the Universe Seed. Kamioren absorbs the power of the Universe Seed and becomes Ultimate Kamioren. Kamioren is now defeating the z-warriors and Goku is now is in Ultra Instinct. So, who will win this battle?

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